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  • i didn't see you there.. i reached around 8.15.. i drove around for half an hour may be or 45mins then i left.. mind exchanging cell ph nums?
    nops.. I didn't go either.. do we have some spot for Saturdays and Sundays? any plans for tonight?
    Usually I got my parts from PJF, National4wd and SDL but I bought the 2''kit on ebay, it was half price than all I can find here, shipping included. Its just spacers for 2'' anyway. I'm gonna install it myself, already done all my Jeep before so I don't think its gonna be harder than the others.
    Stock for now. Got my 31'' dick cepek last week and still waiting my 2'' lift. Can't wait tu put theses on. And of course I'll go to the offroad meets.
    I'm not on B15u yet but i've been lurking for a while. Nice exhaust setup also, i was thinking of buying a Magnaflow 14805 muffler this summer, do you think its a good idea ?
    Haha yeah always wanted to talk to you but never got the chance. I have an 01' SE 2.0 stock so far except for the tail lights, i plan on buying a few stuff this summer.

    Your Sentra is nice, whats the exhaust setup youre running ?
    Hey dude, ya I also live in vsl I actually live on gold (I don't if you know the street). My current car is a 99 green civic that's stock and I passed by few times and spotted your car a few times Maybe next time I pass you can hook me up lol just kidding btw you also live is vsl?
    je suis pas de montreal mais jy vais souvent, donc oui cest possible quon se croise
    Thanks alot! I am doing another set of headlights, as of now I don't like the new ones, I like the one you saw yesterday!

    Next time, i'm the guy with the shirt wagon mafia, lets talk! What was your ride?

    Favorite? The Supra's were awsome, my Outback doesn't compete with those :S
    Im not sure if youre still planning to get a Pick-Up truck but I was on the QG forum in the past and I remember you saying that. Anyways my sentra got hit in the front and I'm not planning on fixing it. I have the rear brake disc conversion kit sold on that I never got to put on (only thing missing is pads) so that includes e-brake lines, rear brake ines, 4 stainless steel brakes lines (Front and Rear), rear SER discs, brand new painted red SER rear calipers (semi loaded) and the brackets obviously. I also have a GReddy rear trunk brace and a nismo rear swar bar. I know you have rims but I got the 04-06 spec 17" if youre interested. Ken 514-402-3689
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