Exact Roues - Réparation, polissage, peinture in the West Island

Exact Roues

Shop Representative

I just wanted to introduce our company. We are Exact Roues inc. and specialise in repairing, painting and finishing damaged, scratched, broken wheels. If your about to put your winters on now is the perfect time to get rid of those blemishes on your summer rims.


Nous sommes une compagnie de réparation de polissage et peintures des roues. C'est l'hiver donc amener-nous vos mags avant le rush!!!

We are located at 1420 Hymus in Dorval near where Hymus intersects the 40.
Call Victor at
Tel: 514 683-6999

We look forward to working with MontrealRacing members! Be sure to mention if you come from MR if you call.

I don't check the site too often so please call instead of PM or email.

I went to Exact Roues for the first time today. Their service is INCREDIBLE! I got what I needed and I am satisfied!
Ive got a set of wheels repaired and painted fluorescent orange few years ago. He did an amazing job.

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I just went there today and they took my wheel in right away and it will be ready after tomorrow

Good price too to fix a curb rash
I was suprised they didn't want to help me with a 3-piece wheel in 2014. It was a bent lip on my Work Equips.
I was willing to give them my money but they didn't want it. I got it fixed somewhere else and rebuilt them myself : / oh well