Road Test: Jeremy Clarkson on the BMW X1

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Clarkson’s verdict

It’s not a car. It’s rubbish.


Sadly, I was to be disappointed. First of all, the X1 looks like a Hyundai that’s been subjected to a thousand years of wind erosion. It’s dreary. And it’s much the same story on the inside, where you are greeted with lots of extremely scratchy plastic and almost no equipment at all. You want a built-in sat nav system? Well, tough.

A friend of mine, who runs the car I drove, says that the wiring loom is cheap as well. Quite how he’s determined this, I have no idea, but there you are. It’s cheap to look at, cheap to sit in and cheap to touch. But it’s not even slightly cheap to buy.

No matter, you might think. It’ll be a stormer on the road. Well, yes, it might be if you could buy it with a creamy six-cylinder petrol engine. But you can’t. Instead, sir can have it with any engine he likes, so long as it’s a diesel. Normally, BMW diesels are rather good, but the 2-litre version fitted to the X1 is not. It sounds like a dump truck when you start it up, and any request from the helm for more speed is met with a recalcitrant, “You want to do what?”

It’s very uncomfortable as well. The ride is much too rigid and the seats are very nearly as firm as those fitted to a Ford Galaxy. Which means they are hard enough to shape diamonds. That’s nice if you actually want to shape diamonds, but if you just want a comfy place to sit while you go home, the X1 won’t do.
As always, Clarkson is very amusing. Full review.
Je suis tombé sur mon appétit lorsque j'ai conduit une X3, inconfortable au niveau des chaises, suspension très sèche et le moteur 3.0 manquait de puissance rien n'a avoir avec la X5. J'imagine pas la X1, c'est une tendance que BM voulait en faire partie mais qui n'a jamais dû exister.
Sa me surprend pas....pour avoir magasiner une bmw 135i,j'étais deja sur mon appetit,fack j'imagine pour le X1 c'est semblable,bmw a de la misere a faire des modeles d'entrés de gammes,assé decevant quand t'embarque dans une bmw et que la qualitées d'assemblage est plus que moyenne,tu te sent pas vraiment dans une bmw,c'est mieu assemblé dans mon
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Voilà un vidéo de la X1 de top gear, la fin du Vid, Jeremy résume bien la X1

[ame=""]YouTube- BMW 1-Series (Top Gear) HQ![/ame]
James May you make me ZZZZZZZZzzzz thanks for the vid anyway lol

I still love the one where Clarkson reviews the X3 that wont even go up a muddy hill heheheh
Lol.. ya, other journalists are such badge whores.They have to be if they disagree with Clarkson. :rolleyes:

Non. Mais Clarkson lui il regarde principalement l'agrément de conduite et les choses que les vrais amateurs de voitures regardent. Tandis que la majorité des autres journalistes auto comme pierre michaud (lol) vont te dire si le rangement est bon pour une vielle sénile de 80 ans. Tu vois où je veux en venir?
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