News: This is the Hyundai Veloster Turbo


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For many, there is only one problem with the Hyundai Veloster: it’s slow. Funky asymmetrical design aside, the interesting new Hyundai product left enthusiasts wanting and so to solve that issue the Korean automaker has unveiled a new turbocharged model today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

With a twin-scroll turbo mated to a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder output is rated at 201 hp at 6000 rpm and a significant 195 lb-ft of torque at just 1750 rpm. That’s a serious jump over the standard car’s 138 hp and just 123 lb-ft of torque. With that power (and more standard equipment) comes several hundred pounds of extra weight, putting the Veloster Turbo at 2,800 lbs. More than a MINI Cooper S but less than a Civic Si, Hyundai can still boast a better power to weight ratio than either of those cars.

As for fuel economy, the use of direct injection helps deliver a projected 27/38 rating with the six-speed manual. No numbers for the dual-clutch six-speed automatic are yet available.

In the transmission department both a six-speed manual and six-speed dual-clutch automatic are available, with wider gears for the manual, so as to cope with the added power, while the auto-box gets closer gears to help keep it in the ideal power range.

In addition to power Hyundai has also tuned the car’s intake and exhaust notes and has firmed up the steering to improve driver feel. The car also looks noticeably sportier thanks to 18-inch wheels and it’s quite a lot meaner too, thanks to a large, monotone flat-fronted grille and a complete ground effects kit that ends out back with a large diffuser and two center-exit exhaust pipes. To help the car stand out further are Turbo-exclusive LED daytime running lights, as well as an optional Matte Gray paint – the first matte paint finish offered by Hyundai.

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J'aime pas le modèle, mais c'est une bonne idée d'avoir une version avec un turbo.

J'aime aucun modèle de Hyundai sauf la Genesis 2 portes.
sérieux hyundai m'impressionne, les premiers constructeur a offrir une couleur mat sur un véhicule de ce prix, y'on compris la game en sale eux autre. Pendant que c'est "in" on offre ce genre de couleur!
GOOD! now hopefully the performance could match its look and the optional matte paint is bad ass too
195 lb-ft torque 201hp pretty impressive, makes me eager to see competitors for 2013 models
195 lb-ft torque 201hp pretty impressive, makes me eager to see competitors for 2013 models

mini just brought the HP up to 181 for 2011 for the S
cooper S comes in at 2650lbs I believe

the Velostar looks sick in that color and YES to the turbo, but it still remains that GTI/Cooper S drivers will still end up taking a VW/Mini over the Velostar for many reasons

just like how I ended up taking a Cooper S over a Genesis Coupe GT (well one of the main reasons was I was pissed off knowing a 270HP model of the Genesis is on the way and I simply refused to take the current model with less HP)

I think the only issue I have with Hyundai right now is they started changing the cars looks/engines too fast (The velostar is new so no rant there). But I just find it such a drag when a manufacturer brings out a 200HP car and then 3 years into the life cycle it changes the cars look and slaps a 270HP engine.

They need to start balancing this act a bit better soon enough, but thats just my 2 cents.

btw not saying hyundai is a bad company or car... they are the sickest guys around and made HUGE leaps within the last 10 years... so thumbs up all the way
Not sure on the Veloster trubo pricing but I don't think their aiming at Cooper S/Genesis GT/GTI. I suspect the fully loaded car will be around 25k if not less. (I don;t think they should ask more than 3k for the engine upgrade) which is Civic SI territory (but less)
Not bad at all

I actually really like this car for some reason...if I had to downdrage a bit I would honestly consider it, Turbo version makes that more of an realiztic choice too. Still Hyundai in the back of your head, but like PersianRider said, they have gone up by leaps and bounds in the last 8-10 years

Matte Grey is also pretty nice