Monster Spectacular returns to the Olympic Stadium this Saturday, April 7, 2018.

Monster Spectacular returns to the Olympic Stadium this Saturday April 7, 2018. It’s the largest lineup of trucks ever presented in Canada. 

 Liste of confirmed drivers

 Catégorie Monster Trucks       15 trucks to date


ANGER MANAGEMENT              Eddy Como                   CANADA

AVENGER                                      Jim Koehler                  USA

AXE                                                 Mike Thompson            USA

BACKDRAFT                                 Tyle Corneluis               USA

BLACK STALLION                       Michael Vaters              USA

BOUNTY HUNTER                        Jimmy Creten               USA

BUCKIN BRONCO                         Kevin Luben                 Canada

INSTIGATOR                                 Paul Breaud                  USA

JEKYLL & HIDE                            Mikael Christensen       USA

OVERKILL EVOLUTION             Mike Vaters Jr              USA

RED BARON                                   Austin Minton               CANADA

SCARLET BANDIT                        Dawn Creten                 USA

TEMPERATURE RISING              Ryan Como                   CANADA

TRAIN WRECK                              Dan Carey                     CANADA

WAR WIZARD                               RJ Turner                     USA

Catégorie  Freestyle Motocross (FMX & Backflip Contest)

Ben Milot, Steel Cutter, Mike Ouellet, Eric Laplante            CANADA

Gabriel Villegas                                                                      MEXIQUE

Confrontation VTT – Course Ovale – Québec VS Ontario

 List des pilotes à confirmer

Here is the information along with photos from past events.