Choosing Your First Car for a College Student

Choosing Your First Car for a College Student

College is a time for many firsts, and among them is purchasing their first car. While. Students are dreamy about cars and want to buy top-end models. In reality, a student has to take many factors into consideration before they buy a car. To make the process of buying a car less overwhelming, plan ahead. Research and understanding your needs will navigate you in the right direction.

Understand why you need it

Before you start to plan on which car to buy, you must understand why you need it in the first place. You might be looking for a car to make your commute to college comfortable or have saved money for it. When you locate the reason for buying a car, you will be in a position to make the right decision.

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Chalk out a budget

The most crucial part is to ascertain a budget. You should take into factor the installment, maintenance, and other costs attached to buying a car. 

You may also want to figure out how you want to make the payment for the car – in full or in installments. Make a plan on how you plan to arrange money and the time it will take you. It is easy to incline towards the best car models, but you must know how much you can actually spend.

Research on the brands

You might already have a favorite brand in mind. Still, take the time to research the various car brands and the models they offer. Evaluate among the models to come close to the one that suits your needs. 

Since you are a college student, you will have a tight budget which means that you should not invest in a car that requires high maintenance. Instead of choosing a brand you like, explore the ones that fit the bill. This way, you will have made the right choice in the long term.

Look for good deals

As a college student, every penny you save is valuable. Thus, look for the best deals that distributors around you are offering. Ask around and visit a few car showrooms to find out the best deal that there is. Try to manage a few services as complimentary. Many car companies have student policies where they introduce special packages and deals for students. Make sure to bag such deals.

Decide on used or brand new

As a college student and a young driver, you have the option of opting to buy a pre-owned car. Your budget will tell you what you must choose between the two. You could either buy a higher-end model of an expensive pre-owned car. 

Or, you can choose to buy a brand new car that may offer fewer features. Do your research and ask people about their experiences of having bought a used car. You will have a clear idea of the maintenance and post-care that the car would need.

Keep road conditions in mind

Road conditions in which you would drive your car is another important point to consider. If you are located in rough terrains, then a car with tires that cars that can withhold the pressure and get through. If you are living in the city area or have a long commute, a car that offers mileage is your answer.

Opt for a test drive

You have to test drive the car before you make the purchase decision. Buying a car is a big decision, and you want to make the best choice. So, line up test drives for all car models that you have shortlisted. 

Understand the mechanisms of each car, and check your comfort level on each. You must buy a car that suits your needs, and also fits your budget, and looks stylish. As a college student, your budgets are tight, but your choice does not have to be. Feel free to explore and choose what you like the most.


Driving has become a necessity for college students, and the sooner you learn, the better. Take recommendations from adults around you. People who own a car will give you the best insights on how to buy one and maintain it for long-term use.

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