How To Combine Studying At College And Working In Formula 1


Formula 1 is one of the most spectacular and popular sports all over the world. It was founded in 1950. It is an intriguing and exciting race on unique cars called “bolides” Every year, more than 500 million people watch Formula One on TV. Each viewer imagined himself as a Formula One pilot at least once. Unfortunately, only a few have the talent, appropriate training, and endurance to become champions.

However, it is quite possible to get another job related to racing. It is especially real for students. They can become members of teams that service the car or accompany the pilot. And the question remains how a student can combine studying at college and working in Formula 1. Here is a list of applicable recommendations.




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Busy students usually do not have enough time to focus on their assignments. Especially, in case they are not on major subjects. They are limited by tough deadlines and sometimes do not have any clue how to write an essay or a research paper. They feel great tension and can not do their job properly. It can be especially dangerous while working in f1. To avoid being distracted students should use the best writing service Edubirdie, which will come in handy. To make sure it is true read Edubirdie review on the Internet. It will come in handy.  It is a trustworthy writing service with a reliable support team and top writers. You can order an essay, a research paper, a dissertation, homework, and so on. Experts provide online help with the guarantee to meet the deadline. Even, if it is only three hours. Besides, all written papers are plagiarism-free.


Count on your fellow students

You must be certain that you can always count on your colleagues. In this situation, you will be able to keep up with the most recent events in your educational institution. Find out what happens during college lectures by asking your group members. Avoid missing interesting and beneficial classes if at all possible. Meet all deadlines and provide papers on time. As a result, you avoid dropping out of the learning process and wasting time and unneeded emotions by working to advance your job instead.


Discuss your job perspective with your tutor

Inform your tutors that you work in addition to your study. Some academicians have unpleasant reactions to such news. They are certain that you cannot finish a course without consistently attending lectures and seminars. When a student misses daily classes and then shows up for the tests and tries to explain to the teacher that he is working, this is a mistake. Conflicts frequently develop in these situations. It is preferable to speak with the instructor at the beginning of the term. You should explain the issue and promise to try to rewrite all of your notes and go studying in addition to submitting the necessary writing projects on time.


Organize your work.


Sort all of your actions into one of three groups. You must finish the first task as soon as you can because it is especially important. Although the second one is a significant objective, it can be accomplished tomorrow. There might not be enough time. The third one consists of incidental issues that can be set aside temporarily. It is a good idea to give each group a different color. Mark off executed plans. Make care to tick off the finished work in the journal. Therefore, accepting the remaining objectives will be simpler. Nothing is insurmountable, and those who do not attempt do not succeed. Be brave enough to achieve your goals and follow your ambitions.


A modern student frequently has to choose between getting a higher education and working. You must balance employment and college. The most significant thing is to avoid interfering with one another because a career and education frequently contest strength. Combining these two approaches is quite hard as a result.

It is worth noting that working in a formula one team is worth the effort a student makes to combine work and study. It is a perfect place to find practical acquaintances, gain tremendous professional experience, and experience incredible feelings of defeat and triumph.


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