The Best F1 Games Available To Play Today

As you might expect, fans of F1 also dabble in the abundance of games that are dedicated to the sport. Alongside reading articles and following stars on social media, unwinding with a Formula One-themed gaming escapade is the perfect opportunity for so many people. In terms of the racing genre in general, there’s also a strong argument to suggest that F1 games have been carrying it for a good few years now.


After all, Formula 1 games serve up the high-octane action that gamers typically require while they also enable fans of the sport to play along as their favorite drivers, become Team Principal on their favorite teams, and race on some of the sport’s most prestigious tracks. They’re fun games, they offer gamers a real challenge given the intricacies of F1, and they provide people with strong doses of entertainment as they aim to reign supreme and triumph on a consistent basis.


Of course, not every F1 fan plays F1 games, but the sheer amount of enticing products makes them a standout option for so many. Alongside other forms of entertainment that are dedicated to the sport, such as watching highlights on television, listening to podcasts, and indulging in some betting, F1 games add another layer of intrigue to it. In fact, some gamers have even discovered all things Formula One thanks to F1 games introducing them to the sport and allowing them to gain an insight into everything it entails.


So, with F1 games clearly bringing something to the table when assessing gaming as a whole, let’s take a look at some of the best releases to explore below. Make no mistake about it: F1 games are definitely worth playing right now.


Grand Prix 4 is adored by many


As you might expect, the F1 genre of gaming has been exposed to some embarrassingly bad products over the years. Although these poor releases might put many gamers off the genre, titles like Grand Prix 4 bring them back. A title that is seen as the best F1 game ever, it was initially released in 2002, but it has experienced somewhat of a resurgence in the modern world. Not only are the graphics ahead of its time, but Grand Prix 4 provides plenty of realism. From cars failing to horrible crashes, the game showcases the brutal and unforgiving nature of the sport while also serving up the high speeds and accurate turns that make F1 such a testing sport in the first place. Overall, diehard F1 fans certainly won’t be disappointed with Grand Prix 4. In fact, it’s a great game.


F1 2020 has it all


One criticism leveled by some at this particular area of gaming is that the releases tend not to contain every aspect of the sport, such as classic drivers and an array of trimmings that add even more selling points to sports games. F1 2020 bucks the trend somewhat, though, to offer an authentic and hugely detailed racing package. Released in 2020, it contains Ayrton Senna’s MP4-4 while also offering engaging options like My Team, a game mode that tasks players with establishing their own F1 racing team in a career mode that is hard to put down. In essence, F1 2020 has it all and is capable of keeping you firmly entertained for a good few hours at a time.



F1 2016 is a PS4 masterpiece


If you can get your hands on a copy of F1 2016, then you definitely won’t be disappointed. While the game could be deemed as outdated compared to the more modern offerings out there, it’s widely regarded as one of the best Formula One games ever. Accessible on PlayStation, the title provides an abundance of challenges for gamers to tackle. There are 10 full-season career modes to take on, plenty of customization features to make the most of, and a realistic gameplay package that makes this undisputed favorite hard to ignore. One thing’s for sure, once you start tackling the game’s career mode aspect, F1 2016 is a blast.


F1 23 is a popular option today



While some of the aforementioned titles are from a few years ago but still manage to pull gamers in, F1 23 is a more recent inclusion that is thriving among the gaming community. The addition of My Team mode with its engaging story went down particularly well, while the introduction of F1 World added another layer of entertainment to this faultless product, particularly for those seeking an online challenge. Also offering a truly authentic driving package and crisp graphics that create an even more pleasurable gaming experience, F1 23 is easily one of the best F1 games around.


F1 2010 is an iconic release


Returning to a much-loved classic that hasn’t been emulated by many passionate Formula One gamers, F1 2010 is a truly iconic game that was released in 2010. Accessible on PlayStation 3, the game wowed gaming audiences at the time of its release and is still explored today despite the more modern-day offerings that occupy the genre. A title that numerous generations of racing fans have enjoyed, the game’s career mode is arguably its biggest highlight. Players have to start from the very bottom of the rankings and rise from obscurity to become a household name. Along the journey, there are numerous improvements to make, be it with the car you’re driving or through a number of practice sessions that will improve your chances of success on the track. Also available to play on Xbox 360, Windows, and iOS devices, F1 2010 is a fantastic game.