Porsche Mission E Concept

0915-mission-e mardi 15 septembre 2015 à 09:29 by Danny Geraghty

Press Release: In presenting the Mission E at the IAA in Frankfurt, Porsche is introducing the first all-electrically powered four-seat sports car in the brand’s history. The concept car combines the unmistakable emotional design of a Porsche with excellent performance and the forward-thinking... more

La Méga Ride 2015 est DEMAIN!

megaride2015 vendredi 11 septembre 2015 à 09:40 by Danny Geraghty

En moins de 24 heures, la Méga Ride 2015 qui débutera à quatre endroits différents autour de Montréal. Les participants vont conduire pendant environ 2,5 heures et finir au Circuit ICAR pour l’un des plus grands événements de l’année: le Super Auto Show. Il y aura des centaines de... more

Formula Drift World Round Photos

0915-fd jeudi 10 septembre 2015 à 11:57 by Danny Geraghty

After putting on a spectacular event last year, there was always a danger that this year’s Formula Drift World Round would not live up to expectations. Well, FD Canada met and even exceeded those expectations with the spectacle we witnessed over the weekend. Close to ten thousand people descended... more

Gaming Expo Sherbrooke

Slide4 mercredi 09 septembre 2015 à 08:02 by Danny Geraghty

‪‎Pagnian‬ has announced their first ‪‎projectcar‬ championship 12-13 September at the Gaming Expo Sherbrooke with cash prizes. It will be like none other with 5 weapons & 5 setups to make your kill. Choose between: 1080P@120Fps, 4K@60Fps, 12K@45Fp, ‪#‎PS4‬ or‪#‎XboxOne‬.... more

Pro-ISIS Stickers Found On Cars in Repentigny

0915-islamic-stickers mardi 08 septembre 2015 à 20:18 by Danny Geraghty

Police are investigating after a number of vehicles were vandalized with pro- ISIS stickers last weekend in Repentigny. The incidents took place on Valmont Street close to a Tim Horton’s and near the Rive Nord Mall. Due to the nature of the vandalism, Repentigny police have called in the Surête du... more

Autodrome St-Eustache Installs More Seating For Formula Drift

0915-estrade-autodrome-st-eustache vendredi 04 septembre 2015 à 12:57 by Danny Geraghty

Autodrome St-Eustache has installed a massive new seating area to accommodate all the spectators who will flood the track in order to see some of the world’s best drifters compete in the Formula Drift World Round! The bleachers will be sitting on top of a portion of the track nearest to where the drivers... more

Motorist Posts Video of Messed Up Traffic Signs On Hwy 20 in Lachine

0915-hwy-20-lachine mardi 01 septembre 2015 à 12:02 by Danny Geraghty

Steve Bourgeois posts a profanity-laced tirade about how Transport Quebec directs traffic into a lane which is about to close on Highway 20 in Lachine. Not only that, but the lane ends with no signalization! Watch below: // Post by Steve Bourgeois.  lisez-plus →

Ian Poulter’s Ferrari Collection

0815-ian-poulter samedi 29 août 2015 à 07:36 by Danny Geraghty

PGA Golfer Ian Poulter recently added a Ferrari LaFerrari to his already-impressive collection of prancing horses. The 39-year old English golfer has two career PGA Tour wins and 12 European Tour wins. Poulter has 2 million followers on Twitter which is the second most on the PGA Tour behind Tiger... more

Magnus Walker Crashes His Famed Porsche 911

0815-porsche vendredi 28 août 2015 à 10:35 by Danny Geraghty

Magnus Walker crashed his famed “277” Porsche into a truck during a visit to Minneapolis. A reporter form the Minneapolis Star Tribune was riding shotgun at the time but thankfully none were injured. Who the hell is Magnus Walker anyways? You can check out this link which explains who he is.   Credit... more

Gas at 80 Cents Per Litre Coming?

0815gas jeudi 27 août 2015 à 11:17 by Danny Geraghty

Gas prices continue to fall in Canada and it’s about freaking time! MontrealRacing member FieroAlex filled up his car in St-Catherine’s, Ontario for just 80 cents per litre!! Now before you get too excited, this price seems to be a result of a local price war in that area only but it’s still nice... more

Hellcat-Powered Jeep Cherokee? New ‘Cuda? New Grand Wagoneer?

0815-fcadealershow jeudi 27 août 2015 à 10:33 by Danny Geraghty

Chrysler recently held it’s dealer-only show in Las Vegas. Everyone attending had their phones confiscated so as to prevent any leaked photos. So far, it looks as if they did a good job at hiding everything however here is a written summary from one attendee: Trackhawk Grand Cherokee was there. Sounded... more

Midnight Madness Extended to 28 Aug

extension mercredi 26 août 2015 à 16:01 by Danny Geraghty

Dynamique Auto has extended their popular Midnight Madness Sale until the end of this week, August 28, 2015. If you couldn’t make it out last weekend, now is your chance to go! Dynamique Auto, Son & Sécurité. 7655 Boul Henri-Bourassa E, Montréal, QC H1E 1N9 Tel: (514) 494-6434 | Fax: (514)... more

IndyCar driver Justin Wilson Dies From Injuries

0815-indycar mardi 25 août 2015 à 08:14 by Danny Geraghty

37-year old Indy Car Driver Justin Wilson died after being stuck in the head by debris from another crash during the Verizon IndyCar Series race at Pocono Raceway. Rookie Sage Karam lost control of his vehicle and hit a wall but the flying debris made contact with Wilson as he was driving through the... more