2016 Honda Pilot Revealed

0215hondapilot2 jeudi 12 février 2015 à 11:22 by Danny Geraghty

Watch the live stream of the unveiling of the 2016 Honda Pilot starting at 10:30AM right here. Photos leaked of the new SUV late last night and it appears Honda may have hit the mark. The previous generation was very odd-looking but this new Pilot looks like it will fit right in among its peers and be... more

Le Salon de la Moto de Montréal: Des Nouveautés de Partout!

0215-salon-moto mardi 10 février 2015 à 10:42 by Danny Geraghty

Montréal, le 5 février 2015 – En plus de marques comme Harley‐Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki et Ducati, le Salon de la moto de Montréal, présenté par La Capitale Assurances générales réunira au même endroit une quantité inégalée d’autres fabricants importants et réputés. Tous y présenteront... more

Furious 7

0215-furious7 vendredi 06 février 2015 à 11:58 by Danny Geraghty

Vin Diesel just posted this pic & text via his Facebook page) and it’s pretty powerful. Our objective was to make Paul Walker proud… After watching Furious 7, and his timeless performance… we realized that it was Paul, who has made all of us… so very proud. I’m thinking... more

Armed Gangs Brawl on Busy Chinese Street

0215-armed-gangs-street-brawl-china vendredi 06 février 2015 à 11:36 by Danny Geraghty

Check out this footage of two rival gangs fighting on a busy street in Jiangxi Province. Traffic is stopped and the gang members use what appear to be swords to battle it out. Apparently nobody was killed in the incident. Source: Business Insider  lisez-plus →

Kijiji Find: 1979 Nissan Silvia

02151979silvia1 jeudi 05 février 2015 à 11:51 by Danny Geraghty

Auto Emborium is selling a pristine 1979 Nissan Silvia with only 47,000 kilometres. This collector’s car is is the Japanese version of the North American Datsun 200SX comes as a rear-wheel drive 4-speed manual. Check it out here: ... more

Ford Announces 318 HP Focus RS

0215fordfocusrs01 jeudi 05 février 2015 à 10:59 by Danny Geraghty

Ford has announced that it will bring the new Focus RS to North America for the first time. This hot hatch will be powered by 2.3 litre 4-cylinder Ecoboost motor producing a whopping 315 horsepower. Not only that, but the monster will also have all-wheel-drive and dynamic torque vectoring control which... more

Ferrari 488 GTB Revealed

0215-ferrari488 mercredi 04 février 2015 à 11:35 by Danny Geraghty

Ferrari has unveiled the new 488 GTB with a 660 horsepower twin-turbo V8 motor to replace the 458 which was released back in 2009. The 458’s bold styling still looks brand new but with the release of the Lamborghini Huracan and McLaren 650S, Ferrari needs to freshen things up a little bit. GTB stands... more

New Nissan Maxima Revealed

0215-maxima mardi 03 février 2015 à 15:08 by Danny Geraghty

During its Super Bowl commercial, Nissan actually revealed the new Nissan Maxima which is set to debut officially at the New York Auto Show. Today they released a couple of photos of the sedan which has been given an overhaul on the exterior. We still have no information on motor choices, however. You’ll... more

SAAQ “payer comme vous conduisez” GPS tracking device

payez-comme-vous-conduisez2 mardi 03 février 2015 à 11:24 by Danny Geraghty

The SAAQ will be testing a news system in order to improve road safety and lower insurance contributions form Quebecers. In 2016, motorists may, on a voluntary basis, to install a GPS module under the dashboard to monitor their driving habits and possibly receive discounts. Factors affecting the score... more

Next Supra Likely To Cost More Than a Corvette

0115-supra mercredi 28 janvier 2015 à 10:42 by Danny Geraghty

Toyota’s next sports car (likely called the Supra but it’s not confirmed yet) will cost more than a Chevrolet Corvette according to Car & Driver. Starting at $59,215 here in Canada, the Corvette has the best value in terms of performance per dollar hands down. To anyone who follows the industry,... more

Histoire d’horreur avec moteurs sautés et garantie Subaru

0115-subaru mardi 27 janvier 2015 à 17:07 by Danny Geraghty

J’aimerais vous faire part d’une histoire d’horreur que je vie quotidiennement avec une voiture. Je ne sais plus où aller pour me faire entendre. Cette voiture est un véritable cauchemar. Mon texte sera très long, j’ai passé beaucoup d’heures à l’écrire pour donner un maximum de détails. Suivez... more

Formula Drift Announces New Canadian Series

0115-fdcanada lundi 26 janvier 2015 à 21:55 by Danny Geraghty

Brossard, Québec – It was just announced at the Scion Canada head office that Formula Drift will roar back into Canada this season not with one event – but with a full drifting series. The schedule has events in three cities, namely Montreal, Québec and Trois Rivières in addition to the final... more

2016 Nissan Maxima Nismo

0115-maxima-nismo lundi 26 janvier 2015 à 11:37 by Danny Geraghty has got their hands of some renderings of what the 2016 Nissan Maxima could look like. Due out later this year, Nissan looks to be spicing up the design even more in an attempt to differentiate it from the Altima. ... more