Porsche Unveils 2016 Bosxter Spyder

0415-boxster-spyder mardi 07 avril 2015 à 16:44 by Danny Geraghty

Porsche has unveiled the Boxster Spyder at the New York Auto Show. The last time it was available was for the 2012 model year. The Boxster Spyder uses the 911’s 3.8-litre flat-six motor mounted in the rear to give it 375 horsepower and a 0-100km/h time of 4.3 seconds. The suspension has been lowered... more

Eurokracy Teaser Video

0415-eurokracy mardi 07 avril 2015 à 11:53 by Danny Geraghty

Eurokracy dropped a 15 second teaser video before screenings of Furious 7 in Guzzo theatres around Montreal. As you are probably aware, Eurokracy is Canada’s biggest Euro show and is taking place at Circuit ICAR this year. Check out the video below. Vimeo – YouTube... more

Man Comes After Family With Chainsaw In Saint-Jérôme Road Rage Incident

0415-chainsaw-attack-st-jerome lundi 06 avril 2015 à 14:17 by Danny Geraghty

Update 10:29PM, April 6: The chainsaw-wielding man in the video has been arrested and he could face several charges according to police. “He will face charges of assault with a weapon for starters…and he could face more charges,” said Saint-Jérôme police spokesman Robin Pouliot said... more

Jacques Villeneuve Co-Founds New Track In B.C.

0415-area-27 lundi 06 avril 2015 à 09:02 by Danny Geraghty

Jacques Villeneuve has co-founded a brand new racing facility called Area 27 in British Columbia’s Oakanagan valley. Villeneuve has designed the track layout and construction is set to begin this summer with the track opening in 2016. Construction will be done in three phases. Phase 1 is comprised... more

Fire at Claireview Leasing

0415-clairview-leasing-fire lundi 06 avril 2015 à 08:26 by Danny Geraghty

Police are investigating a suspicious fire which happened at Claireview Leasing overnight. The building is still intact but suffered smoke and water damage according to Breakfast Television. The luxury private leasing company has been in business... more

Check Out The New Honda Civic Concept! Type R Also Confirmed For North America!

0415-civic-concept jeudi 02 avril 2015 à 11:24 by Danny Geraghty

Ordinarily we get some idea of when a manufacturer will unveil the next iteration of a popular model but not in the case of the next generation Honda Civic. Honda surprised everyone by unveiling the concept car at this year’s New York Auto Show. Clad in lime green, the new Civic will be immediately... more

BRZ STI Performance Concept

0415-brz-sti jeudi 02 avril 2015 à 11:08 by Danny Geraghty

Subaru has unveiled a cool BRZ Concept car at the New York Auto Show. From Guide de l’Auto: Lorsque nous avons découvert la Subaru BRZ STi Concept, notre sang n’a fait qu’un tour; finalement, le constructeur allait offrir un coupé avec de la puissance! Si l’on en croit le communiqué de... more

SAAQ To Ban All Lowered Vehicles Under Grand Excès de Modification (GEM) Law

0415-saaq-ban-modified-vehicles mercredi 01 avril 2015 à 11:43 by Danny Geraghty

The SAAQ has instituted a new rule targeting lowered vehicles in Quebec which effectively prohibits the practice. The new rule falls under the grand excès de modification (GEM) law where certain modifications are deemed more dangerous and the penalties are much higher. The new rule went into effect... more

A Pair of LaFerraris Spotted in Montreal Yesterday

0415-laferrari mercredi 01 avril 2015 à 07:40 by Danny Geraghty

Not one but TWO Ferrari Laferraris were spotted yesterday leaving the Montreal dealership amid beautiful spring weather. As Road & Track just reported, the supercar does the quarter mile in a little over nine seconds! Discussion: //... more

The LaFerrari is a 9 Second Car!

0315-laferrari mardi 31 mars 2015 à 13:25 by Danny Geraghty

Road and Track has tested the Ferrari LaFerrari on the ¼-mile and the result did not disappoint: 9.7 seconds at 149 MPH. The supercar also went from 0-100km/h in just 2.4 seconds. It beats the times of the Porsche 918 Spyder and Bugatti Veyron. Unfortunately they don’t provide a video of the test... more

McLaren Releases 570s Porsche Fighter

0315-570s mardi 31 mars 2015 à 12:01 by Danny Geraghty

McLaren’s new entry-level sports coupe is called the 570S and it’s designed and priced to go head-to-head with the Porsche 911. The 570S uses a carbon fiber monocoque chassis like its more expensive brothers, the 650S and the P1. Its turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 motor makes 562 horsepower and 443 lb-ft... more

For The Wagon Lovers: BMW M550 Diesel G-Power Wagon

0315-g-power-m550d lundi 30 mars 2015 à 11:56 by Danny Geraghty

BMW Tuner G-power has just released what it claims is the fastest diesel-power BMW wagon: The G-Power M550d. The company has bumped the output from the 3.0-litre inline six- cylinder motor from 381 to 435 horsepower by way of the D-Tronik 5 V1 power module. It will do 0-100km/h in 4.5 and have a top... more

San Diego Woman Passes Out While Driving On Highway

0315-woman-passes-out-highway lundi 30 mars 2015 à 10:13 by Danny Geraghty

A San Diego woman is in custody after apparently passing out drunk while driving her Chrysler Sebring Convertible on a California freeway. California Highway Patrol Officers has to break the windows of her vehicle to wake her up as cars drive by. Fortunately, there wasn’t a serious accident. A local... more