Cyrious Garageworks Insane Charger Build

cyrius-garageworks-charger jeudi 22 septembre 2016 à 12:12 by Danny Geraghty

This absolutely insane build comes from Cyrious Garageworks in Mississauga, Ontario and features a 1968 Dodge Charger completely redone with some modern touches. Normally a restoration for this type of vehicle will bring it back to something resembling the OEM look but not this project. The owner of... more

Photos: Porsche RWB build in Toronto

0216rwb2 lundi 08 février 2016 à 12:27 by Danny Geraghty

See the photos of this RWB Porsche being built in Toronto. These kits significantly enlarge the vehicle’s width comapred to stock dimensions. Thank you to Gordon NG (g-ng) for sharing these photos. ... more

Honda S2000 With NSX Engine Swap

1215-s2k vendredi 18 décembre 2015 à 11:41 by Danny Geraghty

A performance garage in Austria has created a monster Honda S2000 with an Acura NSX engine swap. The build coincides with the garage’s tenth anniversary. You can check out more photos and info on this web page which is written in German. Discussion ... more

Gold-Wrapped Porsche 911 Cabrio: Yay or Nay?

0915-gold-chrome-porsche3 lundi 28 septembre 2015 à 16:30 by Danny Geraghty

A member snapped these shots of a gold-wrapped 911 Cabrio and posted them on the forum. The GT3 RS stickers irked some initially, however an Instagram post from the shop that did the build answered some questions: We completed this project. This originated as a 2008 997 C4S, now it’s 2011 GT3RS... more

Scion FR-S Mean Goblin

0615scion-mean-goblin6 jeudi 18 juin 2015 à 11:52 by Danny Geraghty

This 2013 FR-S may not even have 30 000 kilometres on the clock, but it’s seen its fair share of abuse over the course of it’s short life. This car was at first purpose built for almost exclusive track use, being the star of a local TV show « Équipé pour rouler ». Extensive suspension, brake,... more

Model Victoria Returns To Break MR Users’ Hearts

0615-victoria lundi 15 juin 2015 à 10:49 by Danny Geraghty

Last year, photos we posted of Victoria made her into an instant star among the predominantly male MontrealRacing readership. Photographed next to a Chevy Camaro, the Facebook post received more likes than any other post in our history and still holds the record with 531! We decided to do a mini-photoshoot... more

Mocha Latte Audi RS6

0515-audi-rs6 jeudi 28 mai 2015 à 09:55 by Danny Geraghty

Check out this Gorgeous Mocha Latte Audi RS6 featured on The car is on display at the Audi Forum Neckarsulm. Audi please bring the RS6 to North America! more  lisez-plus →

DM Motorsports Mid-Engined MK1 GTI

0515-mk1-gti mardi 12 mai 2015 à 09:36 by Danny Geraghty

DM Motorsports got themselves a VWVortex hero achievement badge with this MK1 GTI mid-engined rocket. Check it out.      lisez-plus →

California Doesn’t Mess Around: BMW M Meet

0415-bmw-meet jeudi 23 avril 2015 à 09:51 by Danny Geraghty has some great pics of a SoCal BMW M meet which occurred recently. This thread is a must see for any BMW fan. more  lisez-plus →

10 Gorgeous Cars On Te-37s

0315te37e vendredi 27 mars 2015 à 10:38 by Danny Geraghty

The Volk Racing TE-37 is a timeless wheel. Popular back even before came online fourteen years ago, the high-quality, lightweight forged racing wheel has stood the test of time and remain as popular today as when they first came out. The wheels feature high-tech forging processes that... more

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s 1970 Chevelle

0215-earnheart jeudi 26 février 2015 à 15:58 by Danny Geraghty

This can be filed under the category of “not news but still really cool”. It’s Dale Earnheart Jr’s 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle which debuted at the 2011 SEMA show. It features the Connect and Cruise Crate Powertrain System which is a supercharged LSA engine and 4L85-E automatic transmission combination. From... more

It’s Winter? No Problem. Let’s Do A Lambo Photoshoot

0215lamborghinimontreal15 jeudi 19 février 2015 à 10:53 by Danny Geraghty

It’s Winter? No Problem. Let’s Do A Lambo Photoshoot That’s the sentiment of photographers Anthony Melotti and Connor McCollam who just wrapped up this stunning photo shoot of a pair of blue Lamborghinis for Lamborghini Montreal. The shoot is titled “50 Shades of Blue” and... more

Widebody BMW M235i

0215-widebodym235 lundi 09 février 2015 à 11:09 by Danny Geraghty

Check out pics of this beautiful widebody BMW M235i from IND and courtesy of Photos and discussion can be foudn here:  lisez-plus →