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PHOTOS: Audi, Volkswagen At The 2017 Montreal International Auto Show

audi07b dimanche 22 janvier 2017 à 12:44 by Danny Geraghty

We will divide the photos by brand this year. Here are the photos taken at the Audi and VW booths. Discussion ... more

Watercooled Industries dans l’eau chaude après des propos racistes

watercooledind jeudi 01 décembre 2016 à 12:03 by Louis-Philippe Dubé

Si vous ne connaissez pas Watercooled Indusries, il s’agit d’une entreprise américaine spécialisée dans la conception de jantes en alliage sur mesure. Le gros de leurs activités se situe dans le segment des jantes pour véhicules européens, avec des designs agressifs destinés à des... more

Audi troque le WEC pour la Formule E

Audi R18 (2016) #8 (Audi Sport Team Joest), Lucas di Grassi, Loïc Duval, Oliver Jarvis mercredi 26 octobre 2016 à 10:31 by Louis-Philippe Dubé

La rumeur se répandait dans les derniers jours, Audi allait faire une annonce impliquant Audi Sport et sa participation dans le World Endurance Challenge (WEC). Et c’est hier que cette annonce a été faite: Audi quitte le WEC pour concentrer ses efforts sur la Formule E. Le constructeur stipule... more

H2O International: le membre Castro partage ses photos

H2Oi2016 0233 mardi 04 octobre 2016 à 17:40 by Louis-Philippe Dubé

Le membre Castro est un avide amateur de sport automobile et de culture automobile en général. Il partage régulièrement des extraits de ses nombreux voyages sur le forum. Photographe aguerri, il n’oublie jamais de capturer des clichés de ses aventures. Cette fois-ci c’est une série... more

(Français) L’Audi Q2 au Salon de Genève

375372ca6da4965a6eb15783761b5488 dimanche 13 mars 2016 à 11:30 by Louis-Philippe Dubé

Sorry, this entry is only available in Canadian French.  lisez-plus →

Audi R8 2016 MSRP: 184 000 $

0216audiR8_1 mardi 16 février 2016 à 17:41 by Danny Geraghty

Audi has announced pricing the 2016 R8 and we are sorry to say you won’t be able to pick one up for something in the $130K range thanks to the V8 being shelved. The R8 now starts at $184,000 for the V10 model and $213,000 for the V10 plus model. The German brand has stated that there was simply not... more

PHOTOS: Audi At The Montreal International Auto Show

salon016b vendredi 15 janvier 2016 à 12:00 by Danny Geraghty

We will divide the photos by brand this year. Here are the photos taken at the Audi booth. The new A4, Q7 and S8 Plus are on display among others. The interiors of these vehicles are are simply outstanding and possibly the best in the industry in my opinion. Discussion ... more

Watch A Lowered Audi R8 V10 Rip Up A Ski Slope

0116-audi-ski-slope mardi 12 janvier 2016 à 12:31 by Danny Geraghty

A Norwegian man decided to take his lowered Audi R8 out for a spin on the local ski slope using studded tires. The video is incredible! Read his description of the event below: I drove over to my friend Vidar where we changed to studded tires on the R8. Vidar, who also lives in Oslo, Norway, had prepared... more

Kijiji Find: 2001 Audi B5 RS4 Avant

1215rs4 mardi 08 décembre 2015 à 15:42 by Danny Geraghty

This is a 2001 Audi RS4 Avant for sale with only 58,500 km on the odometer. The vehicle was imported by a company called Auto Emporium and put for sale. The ad claims it’s the first one ever imported into Canada. Asking price: $57,500. The 2001 RS4 has a 2.7-litre twin-turbo motor making 375 horsepower... more

Candidate for Car of the Year: 2009 Audi S5

1115-drew mercredi 18 novembre 2015 à 12:16 by Danny Geraghty

Andrew Hoffman – 2009 Audi S5 We’ll be looking at each candidate individually in the coming weeks in order to generate the most visibility possible for the competition of Car of the Year. What do you think of Andrew’s car? Why it was chosen: Andrew has managed to create a gorgeous car... more

Spotted at Dix-30: Audi R8 Ready For Winter

1115-audi-r8 mardi 03 novembre 2015 à 14:43 by Danny Geraghty

This photo was posted in the forum yesterday by the member batian. It’s an Audi R8 ready for winter complete with roof rack which reminds us of Jon Olsson’s old Audi RS6. Apparently it belongs to Mr. Phil Grisé, owner of the Empire chain of store and its function is a publicity vehicle.... more

VW Cheated With Audis and Porsches, Too!

1115-vw-scandal-porsche-audi mardi 03 novembre 2015 à 12:09 by Marc-André Gauthier

This is bad news for Volkswagen but it remains to be seen if the scandal will result in lower sales. We’re skeptical. Via Car Guide: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just added another Volkswagen engine to its blacklist. In fact, the EPA is now accusing Volkswagen of including its emission... more

Stolen & Burned: Jon Olsson’s Old Audi RS6

1015-RS6-Jon-olsson jeudi 15 octobre 2015 à 09:57 by Danny Geraghty

Bad news! The famous Audi RS6 built by celebrity skier and snowboarder Jon Olsson has been stolen and burnt to the ground. The incident happened last night in the Netherlands while the car was taking part in a photoshoot for the current owner Douwe Leitner. Armed robbers who had just held up a gas station... more