News: Dan Wheldon Killed in Indy Car Race Crash


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Just watching now, doesn't look good.
Not sure about the condition of Wheldon but I hope he pulls through..... no word yet.

15 cars involved , at least 2 launched!!

I can't believe I was watching live.....I still can't believe he is gone.

LAS VEGAS, NEV.—Dan Wheldon, who moved to the United States from his native England with hopes of winning the Indianapolis 500 and went on to prevail at his sport’s most famed race twice, died Sunday after a massive, fiery wreck at the Las Vegas Indy 300.
He was 33.
Wheldon, who won the Indy 500 for the second time this May, won 16 times in his IndyCar career and was the series champion in 2005. He was airlifted from the Las Vegas track at 1:19 p.m. local time Sunday and taken to a nearby hospital, becoming the first IndyCar driver to die after an on-track crash since rookie Paul Dana was killed in practice on the morning of race day at Homestead-Miami Speedway in 2006.

Dan Wheldon a trouvé la mort, dimanche à Las Vegas, dans un terrible accident impliquant une quinzaine de voitures d'Indycar. Agé de 33 ans, le pilote anglais avait remporté deux fois les 500 miles d'Indianapolis.
Le monde du sport automobile a perdu une de ses plus grandes figures ce week-end. La mort Dan Wheldon a provoqué une onde de choc aux Etats-Unis mais aussi en Angleterre, pays d'origine du pilote d'Indycar. Dimanche, ce Britannique méconnu du grand public en France, a été victime d'un crash spectaculaire lors du Grand Prix de Las Vegas, dernière manche de la saison.

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More like 4 airborne. I was racing on Forza with some of the boys when my dad called.
haven't seen a replay that wasn't onboard yet.

55 minutes of redflag, and no news on Weldon's condition... Feels alot like when Greg Moore died...
Hope weldon's ok...
Tabarnack, je regarde ce clip et tout ce que je peux dire c'est HOLY FUCKING SHIT

J'essaye de trouver un meilleur qualité.
Ya comme 5 chars airborne... WHAT THE FUCK
it's like death waiting to happen with those cars on a oval circuit... I still remember when Zanaradi lost his legs when he lost control and someone hit him head on.
Holy fuck. Live speed c'est dément j'en reviens juste pas.

Si une seule personne seulement est morte dans cet accident c'est un fucking miracle.

it's like death waiting to happen with those cars on a oval circuit... I still remember when Zanaradi lost his legs when he lost control and someone hit him head on.

It was Tag or Carpentier that hit him...

Here. Live and everything. + replays and quality.
Shit. I'm still in somewhat of a shock. Worst crash i've sceen in like... well... forever
Man regardez le clip d'en haut. La voiture noir-blanche et orange qui lève en dernier. Elle monte tellement HAUT et fait genre 250 verges direct dans le mur... Tabarnack...
Posted this on fb. Tought i'd share.

"Rip Dan Wheldon.

We all long for the track. We all urge for the speed. Some of us are lucky enough to live from this and pursue their passions...

Racing has become so much safer in the last years. We've seen people dance out and laugph about crashes that would of killed them just ten years ago.

Sadly. Days like this are needed to remind us that the speed and thrill that we love so much is still oh so dangerous and deadly"

"Who ever's racing with us tonight on Forza. We racing for Dan tonight. We racing for that love that we have for speed. We racing for who ever loves the adrenaline. We racing for the guys who are un-lucky enough to die doing what we all love."