Photoshoot: Derek's Radiant R32


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Photos by: Nick Bottini from Alles Gute. Words by: Derek I.

A year ago, I bought the R32 after I sold my old Jetta. It was time to move on to something new and start from scratch. The R32 was always a car I looked forward to, with the awesome sound of the VR6 and AWD. It just so happen one went for sale locally, and the deal was just too good to pass up. It was tornado red, with the infamous clear coat issues, so it was a no brainer to change the color.

That entire winter I spent most of my time in the garage. I was always a fan of the Euro look, and had to buy front and rear bumpers. As I went along working on the car, I just found myself digging the looks of shaving more various parts that most enthusiasts would not approve of. My next purchase was the air ride. I ordered Bagyard struts which took forever to have them shipped for Austria. They came at the end of the winter and I had them installed in a day with the help of friends.

Wheels were a hard choice, but I came in contact with Chris from Watercooled Ind. early in the season. He was nothing but helpful. It was tough choice to go with a new company, but I saw its potential to grow and decided to be part of its growth. The process was stressful being that it was the beginning of show season, but in the end the wheels came through and I was very satisfied.

For this winter, there are plans to rewrap the seats differently, install some HIDs and some other secrets. I would love to turbo the car also, but as of now I get my adrenaline rush from streetbikes. So we shall see. Shout outs to my friends for helping me along the way, my dad who helped this get done so fast, people in the community who have inspired or helped me, WCI, and Nick at Alles Gute for the amazing photos. I don't make it out to as many shows as I used to, but you are guaranteed to see me at H2Oi every year.

Full feature Here!

Full respray in Radiance Red
Oem Euro Front Bumper (shaved)
Oem Euro Rear R-line Bumper
Complete Shaved Hatch(Handle, emblem, wing)
Shaved antenna
Badgeless grille, filled notch
Halfcup door handles
Shaved Side/Door moldings
Cupra R lip
Rolled and pulled fenders

Momo jet sterring wheel
NRG carbon fiber shift knob
Rear Seat delete
Alpine Deck
Eurosport Stress bar
Exta airride gauges
False floor covered in red suede
Euro switch

Bagyard Bomber fronts
Bagyard Classic Rears
Billstein Shocks
Analog Management w/ VU4 manifold
5 gallon half exposed tank

Watercooled Industries CC1's
Pwdercoated Gold Centers/exposed hardware
18x8.5 et10 on 205/40
18x10.5 et15 on 225/40
Oem slotted and dimpled rotors

Under the hood
UM tune
VF Engineering mounts (engine, tranny, dogbone)
VF Engineering short shifter
Hacked Intake
Custom exhaust with flapper mod

Trop bling bling et droppé, on dirait des mags de Snoop Doggy dog. Il manque seulement un Douche bag d'occupation double avec une chaine en ord dans le coul.

Un Euro c'est beau OEM + légère drop + des BBS classique