Road Test: The 2013 Santa Fe is a good looking truck


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The Veracruz never stood a chance. With a lackluster advertising and promotional campaign behind it, the 7-seat Hyundai crossover never gained traction with consumers.

So, when it came time to redesign the 7-seat crossover, Hyundai decided to ditch the old name, instead banking on the market-strong Santa Fe badge to succeed where the Veracruz failed.

Instead of building a one size fits all body that would either be too large for two row seating applications or too cramped for three rows, Hyundai is building two lengths of Santa Fe. The shorter Santa Fe is the Sport which was released earlier this year. Available with a choice of four cylinder engines, one turbocharged and one not, the Santa Fe Sport is more of a compact crossover and seats only five passengers.
As it stands, the American made Santa Fe Sport is maxing out its production capacity and sales are up 35% from September to February, compared to the same time period a year before. But the Santa Fe Sport is bought primarily by members of the pre or post family cycle; empty nesters, singles, childless families, etc. Hyundai is fully aware, and fully admits that they are lacking sales, and a product, from those within the ‘family’ cycle – those with kids. To address this, the built in Korea long-wheelbase Santa Fe is being introduced.

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1. The three-row Santa Fe comes standard with a 3.3L V6 making 290 hp and is available as FWD or AWD. 2. Two trims are available, a GLS with 7-seats and a Limited with 6.
3. Pricing starts at $28,350 and tops out at $37,750 for the fully loaded Limited Technology AWD.
4. The FWD Santa Fe is rated at 18 MPG city and 25 MPG highway, while AWD gets 18/24.

Honestly I find it one of the nicest SUV's out there. Good job because the Veracruz was really fugly.
I feel like all these new SUVs are getting a generic shape with different front ends attached
I'm going to be buying a white limited for my wife in the next few weeks, nice car, drives really nice and has every luxury feature you could want. And all that for 42K tax in!!!
My good buddy picked up a full equiped 2013 2 weeks ago. The thing drives really good, super comfy. He also was able to achieve 6.8L/100km with it 75%highway-25%city. I think he has the 4 cyl. version.
Mon ami a plusieurs Hyundai récent dans sa cours. Les modeles équipés (sonata et elantra) sont vraiment pas chere. Un full load est pas mal moins chere que la compétition mais c'est plus cheap aussi. Les radios sonnent pas terrible si tu compare avec les systeme optionnel de la compétition (Toy avec JBL, GM avec Pioneer) et plusieurs gogosse sont fragile.

Lui les chars sont sur la location donc on s'entend que les clients sont p-e plus rough mais c'est pas rare de voir des trims de plastique cassé ou scratché, des lecteur CD qui renvoye plus les disques, des commandes de sieges defect, etc. que si tu compare avec des véhicules plus ''ordinaire'' comme la fusion, camry, prius, malibu, ils ne sont pas victime de se genre de probleme.

Le premier coup d'oeil est souvent wow sur les nouveau Hyundai et Kia mais sa manque encore de finition.
Faut avoir une commandite quelque part pour appeler ça un truck;)

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Yayy....leur foutu 3.3 de marde qui pisse de l'huile du front-cover et des gasket de panne a huile qui chie au 10 000km.
I think the Hyundai line up is really well equipped for the price they offer. If I didn't do so much mileage I'd consider a Santa Fe in the future