Quebec Embarrasses Itself In Eyes Of World Travelers

Ed March is a motorcycle traveler who blogs about his adventures on Ed has been to many countries but unfortunately his experience in dealing with Quebec’s law enforcement was among the worst he’s ever had.

Here is an excerpt:

I’m a fair guy. Yes our bikes look daft and we draw attention, but we also meet everyone with a smile and this experience in Quebec is the worst I have ever had in any country – even Switzerland (it’s a long story, but they act the same).

I’m sure this experience will draw a lot of opinions, some that agree with me and some that don’t, but the thing that I think is inexcusable, is switching from perfect English to French, raising his voice whenever his authority was challenged, just so I couldn’t argue against his absolute power. It left a very sour taste in both our mouths.

I encourage you to read his full article. It highlights the many things that we as Quebecers experience on a daily basis.