Should The Government of Quebec Index Speeding Fines To Income?

In Finaland getting a speeding ticket can costly – very costly. In fact it may even cost you more than the price of a brand new luxury vehicle if your salary is high enough. That’s because Finland calculates speeding fines according to the offender’s annual income.

Finnish businessman Reima Kuisla was recently fined 54,024 euros for traveling 105 km/h in an 80km/h zone. Kuisla is a millionaire so his fine was inflated in proportion to his annual income. He took to facebook to complain:

The fine was calculated to be about eight days of income on his 6,558,742 euro salary in 2013. Someone earning 50,000 euros per year would have gotten a fine of about 345 euros

He has threatened to leave Finland altogether over the fine.

“Finland is now an impossible country to live in for people with a large income and wealth!” he posted on his page March 2.

Finland is considering reducing the fine for low speed infractions such as this one but the commission making the recommendation won’t finish its report until next year.

What do you think if Quebec instituted such a system here?