Nothing Like A Montreal Pothole To Tear Up A Brand New Audi S8

Automotive Journalist Benjamin Hunting was driving a brand-spanking new Audi S8 press car Tuesday evening in N.D.G. when it struck a crater in the road, instantly puncturing the tire and causing a flat.

Usually potholes are most common during the spring when melting snow and ice wreak havoc on Montreal quality asphalt so it’s somewhat surprising (even for this city) to see a hole of this magnitude in the summer.

As luck would have it, the tire-changing kit was incomplete and Hunting was unable to remove the lug nuts, leaving him stranded on the side of the road just before midnight a mere ten blocks from his home.

After an hour or so, roadside assistance was able to tow the vehicle and the ordeal was over at about 1AM. We’ll be sure to link to Hunting’s review when it’s published because it’s sure to be interesting (though that won’t be for several months since his time with the vehicle was cut short).  The Audi S8 is the German brand’s flagship luxury sedan and starts at $128,900 in Canada.