12 Crazy Widebodies From The 2015 SEMA Show

The 2015 SEMA show is wrapping up today at the Las Vegas Convention Center. SEMA is a must-attend for any car enthusiast at least once in their lifetimes.  Being an industry and media-only event, you might need to get creative if you’re not media or don’t work in the auto industry in order to attend. Heck, it would be worth it to start a blog covering the automotive world just to be able to go. If you can’t do that, convince your friend who works at the local performance shop to put your down as staff and send you.

You think you’ve been to big shows before and are prepared but nobody is ever prepared for the size and scale of this operation. This is the largest convention center in the world and it takes several days of walking just to see everything.

We’ll have more coverage in the coming days but for now we’ll start with these twelve gorgeous widebodies. Enjoy.