You Can Still Sell Your Car For $1 At The SAAQ!

We recently reported a story about a member’s experience at the SAAQ that quickly become viral. The story alleged that the SAAQ had changed it’s policy of allowing transactions of $1 for vehicles aged 10-25 years.  

The SAAQ is only the tax collector according to spokesperson Mario Vaillancourt. That’s why the explanation in this article comes from Revenu Québec, the administration in charge of the transactions.

A little Perspective

A person who purchases a new or used vehicle at retail must pay 9.975% QST when the vehicle is registered. In the case of a new vehicle, QST is calculated on the agreed sale price. In the case of a used vehicle, the QST must be calculated on the greater of the following amounts: the agreed sale price or the estimated value of the vehicle

The SAAQ’s bluebook only covers vehicles up to 9 years old. That allows a buyer of a vehicle older than 10 years to claim a value of $1 and pay almost no provincial tax (vehicles 25 years and older always require an evaluation). In cases where the vehicle is deemed “high-end” according to a non-public list at Revenu Quebec, it must be evaluated by an authorized garage.


According to spokesperson Geneviève Laurier, there has been no change in the taxation of used vehicles. The announcement has also been posted on their Twitter account:

The rules remain the same:

“As to the question of the individual, we cannot comment on specific cases,”she says.

According to testimony from numerous members, something happened last week but since there was never an official confirmation of the change we will never know exactly what happened. It is now clear that this decision was reversed, given today’s news.

MontrealRacing stands by its reporting and the credibility of its members.