VIDEO: Off-Duty SPVM Officer Road Rage Incident

A Montreal police officer may face charges after a video has surfaced showing him ramming another vehicle with his personal vehicle. The speed at which the situation escalates in the video is shocking.

Resume of the situation (posted by CHRj3sus on the forum)

– Guy in black car (a citizen) wanted to get the license info of a guy who overtook him over a double yellow line and ignored a stop.
– Follows the car until it’s immobilized to get plate info.
– The off-duty cop (notice the camo pants) goes out to confront the guy who wanted to take his license plate number, intimidates him.
– The citizen parks his car near the sidewalk blocking the cop’s vehicle and dials 911.
– Off-duty cop goes crazy, reversing his Jeep into the other car 3 times, thinking he’s playing Demolition Derby on the N64.

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