That Time A Member Flipped His Car After Hitting a Pothole

In 2013, member matty2013 was driving his Honda Civic in Kirkland when he hit a massive pothole, causing the vehicle to flip over.

Fortunately Matt wasn’t injured and was able to crawl out of the vehicle. You can read his version of how it happened in the discussion there here:

We reached out to Matt to find out what ever happened to the legal action he was planning against the city. Matt said that the city of Kirkland brushed it off as if they had no responsibility in the matter as the exit is under Transport Quebec’s jurisdiction. The woman who he needed to deal with from transport Quebec was on maternity leave and no alternative contact was provided.

Matt’s insurance company Intact was able to give him a decent offer on the vehicle so he took it and forgot about it. They told him they’d deal with Transport Quebec to try to get some sort of reimbursement if applicable.