Cars On Fire Attendance Approaches 12,000 on Facebook

You may have heard about the large car show called Cars On Fire happening at Circuit Mont Tremblant this Saturday August 20. The show is hoping to capitalize by welcome all brands and all vehicles and consequently has a Facebook event for each one.

What’s interesting is that while the main Cars On Fore Facebook event only has about 1800 people listed as “interested” or “going” if you add up the 17 different events the numbers are impressive: as of today 11,500 are listed as either “interested” or “going”.

Now of course it’s impossible to tell whether all of these people will end up attending and there are certainly duplicates who have clicked on more than one event. The show is planning on about 5000 people coming to the event given that the weather forecast is very good. But that 11,500 number has a lot of people talking. Circuit Mont Tremblant certainly has the space to accommodate them and the buzz on social media has exploded over the last week. We can’t wait to find out what Saturday has in store.

Here are all the Facebook events:

Cars On Fire: The Main Event.

Truckfest: For off road and truck enthusiasts.

Bikefest: For motorcycle and power sports enthusiasts.

VW Fest: For all VW & Audi owners.

Bimmerfest: For all BMW Owners.

Mercedesfest: Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts will gather here.

Honda-Tech North: An officially sanctioned meet up.

Nissanfest: All Nissan/Infiniti owners are welcome.

Mazdafest: For all Mazda enthusiasts.

Toyotafest: Toyota/Lexus owners will gather here.

Subicon: Subaru heaven.

Mitsufest: For all Mitsubishi lovers.

Volvofest: Owners of the Sweede brand will park here

Hyundaifest: For all Hyundai owners

Fordfest: For Ford vehicles that aren’t trucks

Chevyfest: We will include all GM vehicles in this section

Dodgefest: We will include all FCA & MOPAR vehicles here.

4717 interested                     1662 going


Cars On Fire will also be the destination of the annual Mega Ride event. The Mega Ride is a large cruise through the back roads from Montreal all the way to Mont Tremblant. 2016 will be the fourth edition and hopefully the first one without rain. To join the Mega Ride simply follow one of these events:





Orange Julep:



2144 interested                     2976 going

Total: 6861 interested             4638 going