Most Affordable E-cars For Students In 2022

Electric automobiles, often known as e-cars, or EVs, have captured consumers’ attention. They are easy to use and not so bad for the environment as ordinary cars. Currently, electric vehicles have a solid footing in the industry. Today’s manufacturers place a premium on making their automobiles as adaptable and affordable as possible.

The cost of an EV is a significant drawback despite all its advantages. It’s reasonable to assume that this is a primary consideration for students. So finding an inexpensive model is the first step toward buying the car that suits you best. We’ve compiled a list of the most affordable EVs for students to help you. Enjoy!

Mini Cooper SE Hardtop

The prices for this car start from $30,750. Once, it was considered one of the least expensive EVs on the American market. The hatchback style of this vehicle allows four passengers to ride comfortably. Also, it provides plenty of commuting mileage. A 181-horsepower electric motor is standard on the Mini Cooper SE Hardtop. It’s compact and has a sleek, athletic design. Those looking for a hip urban runabout find this car quite enticing. 


Mini Cooper SE Hardtop has all the chances to become your best choice. This smart car copes well with getting you anywhere you like, just like AssignmentBro is perfect for taking care of your paperwork. Analyzing and explaining concepts are essential writing skills. A student should be receptive to new ideas and perspectives and talented in writing and understanding. Trust the experts and get assignment assistance if you lack the necessary expertise and motivation.


What else should you know about the car? The battery can withstand 4 hours of work. It has two additional, more luxurious trim levels beyond the standard Signature one, as well as a wide range of personalization possibilities.

Mazda MX-30

The minimum price one can buy this car is $34,695. Mazda is known for taking a unique approach to problem-solving. So, there was never any question that its first electric car would stand out among other vehicles in its class. According to the official WLTP testing, the Mazda MX-30 has a battery capacity of merely 33.5 kWh. This fact implies that it has a maximum range of just 124 miles between charges. 


So, Mazda MX-30 can be excellent for getting to your university and driving in the city. The production of smaller batteries has a lower impact on the ecology, and recycling these batteries is easier. In addition, the charging time is significantly reduced. If you use a quick public charger, the car’s battery will be full in 30 minutes.

Hyundai Kona EV SL

The Hyundai Kona Electric is one more exceptional electric vehicle with a starting price of $35,295. An average teacher or student can afford it. Its estimated 120 MPGe fuel economy and 258-mile range are also class-leading figures. However, the primary complaint is that neither adaptive cruise control nor automatic high beams are available, even as add-ons or packages. The additional $8,500 will get you the top-of-the-line trim. The style is appealing, and the warranty, maintenance, and roadside assistance package is the best in the group.

Nissan Leaf S Plus

The Nissan Leaf S Plus has the lowest starting price – $28,375. Great news for college kids! A 40-kilowatt-hour battery pack powers the 110-kilowatt electric motor on this model. The maximum distance it can go is 149 miles. A massive 62-kWh battery powers the Nissan Leaf S Plus. After a full charge, its range exceeds any other vehicle by as much as 226 miles. It’s enough to drive to your classes, malls, or the countryside. With so many benefits, it’s an excellent option for students on a budget.

Chevrolet Bolt

The Bolt EV has a range of 259 miles on a single charge, and its 66-kWh battery pack can be completely recharged in 7 hours. When you move up to a Level 3 DC fast-charging station, you can add 100 miles of range to your vehicle. It will bring you to school and back in no time.

The Bolt 1LT begins at $32,495 and includes a $995 destination fee, making it one of the least costly EVs. The 2LT comes with leather upholstery, machined aluminum wheels, heated exterior mirrors with turn signals, and additional safety features. We believe that the vehicle is a shining example and the reason why electric cars will take over sooner than you think.

EVs For Students: closing thoughts

Education takes a lot of time and effort. Besides, it’s not cheap. However, after exhausting lessons, everyone wants to sit in a cozy car and go on business. More and more students prefer eco-friendly and functional e-cars. We hope our list of the most affordable models will help you make the right choice.