Canadian Grand Prix 2023, which F1 top racer will reign on the track?

With the conclusion of the 2022 Formula 1 campaign having taken place and seeing Max Verstappen crowned World Champion for the second successive season, there will already be plenty of attention on next year’s campaign.

Many will be excited at the prospect of seeing the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix next November when it takes place for the first time as it incorporates the iconic Las Vegas Strip. However, there will be fans around the world that will be looking for tickets for each of the other races that will take place.

The Canadian GP in 2023 will certainly be one of those races, so we thought we would take a look at why this might be the case, and why so many will be flocking to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Why will so many fans be interested in the Canadian GP in 2023?

There is no denying that each time Montreal hosts the Canadian Grand Prix, fans flock in their droves to watch some of the best drivers in motorsport all compete across the iconic track while many will be discussing everything they can on forums that can be accessed. In 2005, it was the most-watched race in Formula One, while it was only behind Super Bowl XXXIX and the UEFA Champions League that year.

Of course, many are familiar with the race track and its history, with racing being competed over a course length of 70 laps. The distance covered is a total of 305.270 km, a total of 189.694 miles. Divide this by the total number of laps covered, this means the track is 4.361 km (2.709 miles) long.

One of the most interesting features of this race is the fact that it presents a number of opportunities for drivers to try and claim new positions, with the back straight possibly one of the best sections of the track in which competitors can do this.

All in all, this is what makes the Canadian Grand Prix as interesting as any of the other races to appear on the schedule annually, and why so many always try and watch it while being live in attendance, while millions of others all around the world continue to tune in on TV in various countries over the planet.

Who could be the top racer for the 2023 Canadian GP?

There will already be many that will be trying to predict who will come out on top when the next edition of this race appears on the calendar, despite the fact that it is not scheduled to be held until June 18, 2023.

The race has plenty of history, with a number of drivers having been rather successful each time they take to the Montreal track, with Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton having been able to record seven victories each throughout their careers.

With some drivers having been able to dominate the race, many Canadians have decided that it could be a great race for them to place a wager on, with many continuing to seek out the best options due to the activity’s legality in the Great White North.

With free bet credits before the Grand Prix date now available to utilize already, some fans are looking at how the race finished in 2022 to try and make an informed decision about the bet they want to make.

With Max Verstappen having been crowned the winner last year by almost a whole second, there are some that may feel it is his time to dominate the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve moving forward, therefore thinking he could be the best driver to use the free bonus credits made available.

However, while many will already be looking ahead to the upcoming 2023 race, the next campaign is one that will certainly be a little different from those that have been experienced already.

Why the 2023 F1 campaign will be different

As already mentioned, the upcoming F1 calendar will look very different from those that have occurred before as it features the inclusion of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, giving America three races on the schedule.

However, while the 2023 season was supposed to have 24 races and be record-breaking in terms of having the most races ever in a campaign, it has since been reduced back down to 23 as the Chinese GP has had to be canceled for the fourth year in a row due to health concerns. Qatar is still scheduled to return, though.

Additionally, there will be some new faces taking part, while there will be some faces that will not be returning. Sebastian Vettel has already confirmed his retirement from the sport and has left as a former four-time World Champion, with Fernando Alonso taking his seat, while drivers such as Daniel Ricciardo and Mick Schumacher – presently – will not be drivers for a team on the starting grid.

Final Thoughts

We know it will be possible to expect to see a competitive and eventful 2023 Canadian GP next season when June comes around, although it can be rather difficult to know who may end up on the podium once the race is completed.

For many at this stage, it is difficult not to see Verstappen to take first given how well he has been driving in recent years and that he was the last winner of the previous race held at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal earlier this year.

However, a lot of factors need to be considered, both internally and externally, and with so much time before now and the start of the season – as well as the 2023 Canadian Grand Prix, there is a lot that could still happen. Perhaps Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes can get back to their best and he can achieve an eighth win? Perhaps Ferrari begin to work out the issues they have and Charles Leclerc gets up to speed? We just do not know at this stage!