Will Formula 1 Racing Ever Come to Norway?

Racing has a big fan base in Norway, second only to football. Racing in Norway includes auto races, off-road competitions, and other motorsports. One of the major racing events, though, always appears to be absent. The Formula 1 Grand Prix is the most well-known motorsport in the world, drawing millions of fans from all around the globe. But, since 1978, neither Norway nor the entirety of Scandinavia has hosted a Formula One Grand Prix race!  

So, tune in if you’re interested in learning more about the Norwegian motorsports industry. Here, racing fans can read about the most well-liked motorsports as well as learn about the lack of Formula 1 events in the country.

Motor Racing In Norway

Norway is a country with a rich history of racing sports and has consistently produced world-class talent for motor racing. In fact, many Norwegian motor racing fans attribute the sport’s popularity in the country to one legendary driver. In 2003, Petter Solberg became the first ever Norwegian to be crowned the champion of the World Rally Championship. Moreover, many Norwegians still see his title-winning race as one of, if not the best ever sporting performance in the country’s history.

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Rally Racing

Rally races are a type of motorsport where drivers compete against a stopwatch rather than one another directly. They often take place on closed-to-all-other-driving private or public tracks. The racecourses can be 5 miles, 25 miles, or even more, and a navigator or co-driver is always present. These events are quite prominent in Norway, and there are even rumors that electric cars will be used in the future.

Sports Car Racing

Here you can typically see two-seaters and grand tourers, but also some uniquely manufactured vehicles or prototypes. Sports car races frequently test the driver’s stamina and abilities as well as the speed of the cars because they can last anywhere from three to twenty-four hours.

Off Road Racing

Off Road racing takes place over rough and unmarked terrain (rocky, muddy, desert-type or snow-type). The drivers are competing from a starting point to the finish line, along their own routes.

Why Is There No F1 In Norway?

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The fate of Formula 1 motorsport in all of the Nordic nations was influenced by tragedy in Sweden. The deaths of Swedish Formula One racers Ronnie Peterson and Gunnar Nilsson in 1978 had a negative impact on the sport’s reputation. The F1 fans are devastated but the overall interest in this competition has dropped. People thought it was risky, which reduced the funding for the event the following year. Since then, Formula 1 has been viewed as taboo, with no Scandinavian drivers competing in the following events.

In addition to this terrible tragedy, there is also an issue of cost-efficiency. After all, the cost of the Formula 1 stadium is quite high. It cost over $270 million merely to construct the stadium’s infrastructure. Around $70 million is spent each year for upkeep and holding events. So in total, a Grand Prix circuit would cost close to $1 billion to operate over ten years. Yet,  CVC has made over $8.2 billion from F1 events alone. This just shows how popular Formula 1 races are all across the globe.


The devastating effects of the 1978 F1 competitions have left a mark that hasn’t fully healed. Luckily, Norwegian motorsport fans still get to enjoy other events. Rally definitely stands out in terms of popularity, and it may very well surpass Formula 1 down the line.

Still, each competition has its charms and unique rules that make it exciting for the spectators. So, just because it’s motorsport doesn’t mean it feels the same as F1. These competitions attract millions all over the world, and there are definitely those in Norway who would like to see Grand Prix in their own backyard. 

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