Top 5 Most Challenging Racing Tracks in Canada

Racing in Canada enjoys a growing popularity, attracting enthusiasts from coast to coast. This sport’s appeal lies in its thrilling mix of speed, skill, and strategy, capturing the imagination of fans who flock to races or tune in via various media.


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1. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP) – Bowmanville, Ontario

Formerly known as Mosport Park, the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is a staple in Canadian racing. The 3.957 km track is known for its blend of high-speed straights and technical corners. The track’s fastest lap record is an impressive 1:05.823, set by a Formula 5000 car.


The track’s layout, with its 10 turns, demands precision and control, primarily through the infamous Moss Corner, a double-apex turn that requires deft handling. Over the years, CTMP has hosted various racing events, including the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.


The track’s safety measures are top-notch, with a very low accident rate of 1.2 per 1000 laps, thanks to its well-maintained surface and rigorous safety protocols.

2. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – Montreal, Quebec

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, located on Notre Dame Island in Montreal, is a favorite for drivers and fans. The 4.361 km track, which hosts the Canadian Grand Prix, is known for its challenging layout. It includes high-speed straights and tight hairpins, making it a true test of braking and acceleration.


The Wall of Champions, situated at the end of the final chicane, is notorious for catching even the best drivers off guard, having claimed several high-profile victims over the years.


The track’s accident rate is 1.5 per 1000 laps, slightly higher due to its demanding nature. The current lap record is 1:13.078, set by Lewis Hamilton in 2017, demonstrating the circuit’s high-speed potential.

3. Area 27 – Oliver, British Columbia

Area 27 is one of Canada’s newest racing facilities, designed by Formula 1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve. The 4.83 km track features a mix of fast straights and technical corners, offering a comprehensive test for any driver.


With a fastest lap record of 1:34.759, Area 27 is recognized for its innovative layout, which includes elevation changes and blind corners, adding to the challenge. The track’s design ensures safety, with only 1.3 accidents per 1000 laps.

4. Circuit Mont-Tremblant – Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Located in the Laurentian Mountains, Circuit Mont-Tremblant is renowned for its picturesque setting and challenging track. The 4.26 km circuit features 17 turns, including several elevation changes that test a driver’s skill and precision.


The track has a rich history, hosting events like the Can-Am, Trans-Am, and Formula Atlantic series. The lap record, set by a Champ Car in 2007, is 1:17.112.

5. Atlantic Motorsport Park – Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia

Atlantic Motorsport Park, often called AMP, is known for its roller-coaster-like layout. The 2.56 km track includes 11 turns and significant elevation changes, demanding skill and bravery from drivers.


The track holds a lap record of 1:09.375, highlighting its high-speed nature. Despite its challenging layout, AMP maintains a relatively low accident rate of 1.4 per 1000 laps, thanks to its excellent track maintenance and safety measures. The track regularly hosts regional racing events, making it a vital part of the Canadian motorsport scene.


Besides the tracks discussed here, Canada is home to various other racing venues with distinct characteristics. Tracks such as Mission Raceway Park in British Columbia, Circuit ICAR in Quebec, and Shannonville Motorsport Park in Ontario also play significant roles in nurturing local talent and hosting exciting racing events​​. While perhaps less renowned on the global stage, these tracks contribute immensely to the depth and diversity of the Canadian racing scene.