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A Stock Subaru WRX STI Receives An Infraction For Illegal Exhaust In Blainville

subaru-sti-blainville-ticket vendredi 27 janvier 2017 à 16:20 by Danny Geraghty

This is an interesting story about a man who was pulled over and ticketed in the city of Blainville because an officer thought the exhaust on his stock Subaru WRX STI was too loud. After pulling the vehicle over, the police officer inserted a tape measure into the muffler to see if it had the proper... more

Should Montrealers Be Allowed To Drive Through Red Lights?

drive-through-red-light-quebec-ohio mercredi 25 janvier 2017 à 14:17 by Danny Geraghty

A new law about to be implemented in Ohio will give drivers an excuse to legally drive though a red light on one condition: if they feel the light is malfunctioning. You read correctly. If, after the driver has come to a full stop, there is reason to think the light isn’t operating correctly, the driver... more

La police de Québec arrête une remorqueuse pour donner une inspection à la voiture remorquée

0615-quebec-towing mercredi 15 juin 2016 à 21:46 by Danny Geraghty

This is a guest post written by William Biron who witness the breakup of a car meet in Quebec city on June 11, 2016. Le 11 juin entre 18h et 23h, était organisé par le groupe Carscene Québec un rassemblement d’amateurs de voitures dans les stationnements longeant l’autoroute Duplessis près du... more

Jetta With Air Suspension Towed In Quebec City

melaniepotvin2b dimanche 29 mai 2016 à 15:13 by Danny Geraghty

Resident of Saguenay Mélanie Potvin was driving her Volkswagen Jetta in Quebec City yesterday when she was stopped by police for having done illegal modifications to her vehicle. Her Jetta is equipped with an air suspension which is illegal in the province unless it’s made with the vehicle. She... more

Identify this vehicle involved in a hit and run earlier today in St-Leonard

0516-hitnrun-montreal mercredi 04 mai 2016 à 21:24 by Danny Geraghty

Montreal police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying this vehicle involved in a hit and run earlier today in St-Leonard which left a pedestrian seriously injured. What does MR Army think? 1993 Toyota Camry 1993? 2001 Corolla? 1995 Maxima? See the responses in the discussion. Suspect... more

Sensibiliser les automobilistes au corridor de sécurité…avec un rap

RCMP_RAP vendredi 22 avril 2016 à 15:02 by Louis-Philippe Dubé

Ça y est, la GRC de la Nouvelle-Écosse a pris les grands moyens pour sensibiliser les automobilistes à l’importance du corridor de sécurité. Dans une vidéo aux airs de la chanson Hotline du rappeur Drake, les policiers expliquent l’importance de changer de voie à la vue d’un... more

Un homme de Laval arrêté en Arizona avec 62 Kilos de cocaïne dans sa voiture

amigo jeudi 25 février 2016 à 11:46 by Louis-Philippe Dubé

La drogue était bien dissimulée dans la voiture du Lavalois quand un policier de l’Arizona Highway Patrol l’a interpellé pour une violation au Code de la route. Après que l’unité canine ait été appelée en renfort, la drogue fut détectée et l’homme arrêté. La valeur... more

Châteauguay man pepper sprayed by police while his kids are in the car

1215-police-chateauguay-pepper-spray mercredi 23 décembre 2015 à 11:25 by Danny Geraghty

A Châteauguay man was pulled over on Monday last week which led to a confrontation that was caught on video and is causing a media firestorm. According to the Gazette article, John Chilcott refused to identify himself or exit his vehicle because the officer didn’t’ tell him why he pulled him over.... more

Corvette Polizie

1215-corvette-polizie jeudi 03 décembre 2015 à 10:28 by Danny Geraghty

We doubt this will ever see the light of day on our streets but this would make an incredible police interceptor. The vehicle was built by a tuner called TiKT Performance for the Essen Motor Show. Discuss the vehicle here Source: The Automobilist ... more

VIDEO: Off-Duty SPVM Officer Road Rage Incident

1215-off-duty-cop-ramming mardi 01 décembre 2015 à 15:41 by Danny Geraghty

A Montreal police officer may face charges after a video has surfaced showing him ramming another vehicle with his personal vehicle. The speed at which the situation escalates in the video is shocking. Resume of the situation (posted by CHRj3sus on the forum) – Guy in black car (a citizen) wanted... more

SQ Target Cars at Entrance To Napierville Dragway

0915-exhaust-napi2 samedi 19 septembre 2015 à 20:23 by Danny Geraghty

A video was put on Facebook Saturday afternoon which shows a police operation just outside of Napierville Dragway that appears to be targeting vehicles leaving the facility and inspecting them for illegal modifications. The poster is quite upset to see police targeting enthusiasts in this fashion and... more

Mazda RX-8 Gets Towed For These “Stretched” Tires

0815-stretch mardi 18 août 2015 à 10:33 by Danny Geraghty

A troubling story was posted in the forum yesterday afternoon about a Mazda RX-8 that was allegedly towed after a traffic stop because of stretched tires. Photos of the car in question are below and the wheel setup is as follows: Front: 235-40-19 sized tires on 19×8.5” wheels Rear: 255-40-19... more

My Meeting With Laval Police

0715-laval-police1 jeudi 13 août 2015 à 15:12 by Danny Geraghty

Given the amount of attention being given to the Exclusive Mondays meets by Laval police, I thought it would be helpful to meet with their public relations department with the goal of clarifying their intent and objectives to tuning enthusiasts. has been used many times before as a... more