News: FORMULE 1 en fin de semaine a Montréal!!!

Food is excellent, you drink as much as you want, its the best :) Its cool to see the pitstops from the top ! Not the best view for the race but you can fallow it on the TVs there and you see them passing "le mur du quebec", on the straight and then going throught the senna curves *tu*
I just got back from the track and it was an interesting morning. I chose to leave my house at 08:45 and get there when I do. My limited knowledge of "Open Doors" would lead me to believe that it's bat shit crowded on a regular morning and then to ad F1 on top... mmmmh, nah! I get to Ile Notre-Dame at 10:00 ish and there is a line up to cross the bridge. I arrive in the pitlane some 20-30 minutes later.

To resume what I saw:

Pilots: Daniel Riccardo, Romain Grosjean, Gideon Van De Garde, Max Chilton and Heikki Kovaleinen.
FIA: Charlie Whitting walking the track with some other FIA deligates.
Garages: Red Bull and McLaren revved up their respective cars (have it on video).
Props to Team Sahara Force India who were all smiles and very good with the crowd. You had 2 ladies letting all kinds of people in. Single, Couples, Families, but mostly families, would a chance to get closer to the ingineers and some even had a small chat.

Funny moment: When an unmarked car arrived on the track, stopped in "Front" of the Ferrari wall and some guys from Ferrari come running out... Turs out that it was a last minute PARTS DELIEVERY. Some very small, light and highly expensive parts were being unloaded all whyle we, the public, were between the actual pit stop and the race track wall.

Observation: There is a LOT of technology/communications present. I spoke with a FIA Responsible of Communications(he had power issues with the PIT Camera) and he told me a bit how the circuit was operating. There are 4 BIG Hewit Generators near the paddock and I saw some Honda Generators running next to some pit walls.

In essence, a good day. As I left at 12:15, it started to rain and people were making their way back to the bus/metro. Had it been nice and sunny, I would of stayed longer, but I would of liked to roam around freely.... If anyone is good with Photoshop, I need me a RED SUN pass...;)

Will post pictures when done uploading.
Im going but on saturday only, I got some free tickets for the tribune 12 in front of senna curves. I hope it will not rain too much :(
We desperately need new F1 infrastructures, garages and paddocks...This picture is really 3rd world country installations...

sa prend 3-4 belle fille pour subtiliser un carte avec un barre code valide lolol :D mais baon dépendament qui 3-4 fille sa va te revenir a 4-5000 lolol et elle pouron pas te suivre dANS LES PADOCK :p
A vrai dire, a y penser, m'essemble même que c'était magnétique la dernière fois j'y suis allé !
I'm in Grandstand 24 as per usual.


I went to the Paddock Club a few years ago on a Saturday. 99% of the people there could careless for the actual race but gawd was the food awesome. For those who have not been to F1 in the rain I suggest bringing a rain jacket and flipflops, race fans hate umbrellas and running shoes will get soaked.

Off to Austin in November!