What did you do to your VW/Audi today?

Le derrière est enfin remonter côté suspension. Il me reste exhaust, cable de frein a main et après ont flip ça de bord pour faire le devant. PXL_20231008_190352247.jpgPXL_20231008_203654835.jpg

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Je viens de faire 12.5 dans la rue
Pas si pire, full tank, et la valise pleine de stock a mon fils

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I did 12.4 with chip and dp
No other bolt ons
And heavy ass rotiforms at icar in hot humid weather

So we will be close.

No really close lol
Now that boost weather is here you will
Beat me easy.

I do stage 1 golf R times
I just did 12.4 two nights ago
Boat anchor wheels.

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Ill be with my friend and his BMW 335xi stg2

@Mat @Dan: do you guys wanna meet up and roll together?
My car went into dealer this morning for warranty work. Doubt I'll get her back by Thursday.

Unless I roll down in my loaner A6 :rofl: