1st Annual Montreal Cars and Coffee Meet / Dyno Day

MontrealRacing is holding a dyno day and cars & coffee show/members meet at Trac Racing (Autodrome St. Eustache) on Saturday, August 27th from 10am-4pm (dyno runs from 8-6). The event will be a rain or shine ordeal but lets pray for shine.

The special price we have is $50 per car for 3 runs. If you would like to dyno your car you must let me know in advance by PM or by saying so in this thread so we can book your time.

The car show is open to the public and we welcome as many cars as possible however to be elligable for a trophy, the owner must be registered in the forum. There will be a cover charge of $5 per head but it will be free to enter your car so I expect to see all of yours cars in the show even if they are stock. The point is to meet new people and see everyone’s car in person. Hot dogs and drinks will be served.

Judging will be taken care of by the forum staff (IE moderators and admin). The categories are as follows (1st and 2nd place for each category):

Other Euro (Audi, BMW,Volvo, Saab)
Other Asian(Subaru, Mazda,Hyundai,Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi)
Domestic(GM, Ford,Chrysler)
Best of Show

I don’t think we’ll have too too many cars so we are not going to go crazy on categories. Its just a friendly competition but trophys will be awarded.

Basically that’s it. If you have ideas on how the day can be more interesting feel free to share them here. After all its a show for MR members so its fair that you guys would have a say in what happens.

Discussion: http://montrealracing.com/forums/showthread.php?245023

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