The SAAQ Bans “Hellaflush”

Yes, you read correctly. The SAAQ has prohibited you to “hellaflush” your vehicle, even using the term on its website:


Hellaflush is an aesthetic practice achieved at the expense of handling and maneuverability of a vehicle. This is a method which comprises:

1. The lowering of the suspension of a vehicle;
2. Installation of oversized wheels and higher than the original offset rims;
3. The mounting of tires that are too narrow for the rim (stretching).

These changes, which affect the suspension geometry of the vehicle, are usually observed by the presence of exaggerated negative camber. Here is an overview of the main changes resulting from Hellaflush and why this practice is prohibited.

Changes to the suspension geometry

The majority of vehicles have anomalies caused by the adjustment of suspension. Indeed, the adjustment of camber is not recommended on several vehicle models, making it impossible to align the wheels of the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s specifications. To compensate, the suspension has to work outside the range for which it was designed, reducing the handling and stability of the vehicle and the area of contact with the road.

Changing the geometry of the suspension of a vehicle reduces its maneuverability and safety. Furthermore, it is prohibited to use suspension components too rigid or with insufficient travel. It is also forbidden to modify a vehicle to the point where the tires touch a vehicle component or part of the vehicle body touches the road in normal driving conditions.


I’m sorry but there is just something amusing at the thought of an official government body using that word. Their description of what it means is dead on though. Maybe the SAAQ is cooler than we thought? I don’t think this is an entirely new law with regard to the tires, but it’s the first time I’ve noticed that particular word on the SAAQ website.

So what does this mean for fans of “stanced” or “hellaflush” vehicles? If you drive on public roads you risk getting sent for inspection. Where the line is between hellaflush and not hellaflush is unclear. The SAAQ just defers to a site called the Tire and Rim Association which is based in the U.S.A. This is something that needs to be resolved.