The Story Behind Paul Walker’s Toyota Supra Replicated By David Deschenes

Here is a little of the backstory behind the project that was unveiled last Saturday at the Paul Walker Memorial Ride. The project was launched in 2015 by David Deschenes who was a big fan of the first Fast And The Furious film in which Paul Walker drove the famous Orange Supra. By trade David is a video game producer and director at two schools teaching students how to create 2D and 3D digital art for the gaming and entertainment industries ( He’s also the founder of the first permanent video game museum in Canada ( which launched in 2012.

David received the car much like it was delivered in the film – crashed and needing a rebuild. He embarked on the huge task of completing a project car which is something that many have tried and failed before him. A lot of time and resources were dedicated to the project and to the finding of the rare parts that were required and David even had to borrow money to ensure its completion.

This replica is special because of all the details in the car from the film. Dave is lucky to have the help of Craig Leiberman who was the builder of the original film car. Craig has mentioned that Dave’s replica is the most accurate one he’s seen to date, despite having more work to do prior to its completion. Dave also enlisted the help of Yan from Lettrage LAP who was able to reproduce and print the graphics to precision.

Due to monetary concerns, Dave has had to wait before installing the transmission, Stillen calipers and the NOS system. After live video from the Paul Walker Memorial ride where we interviewed Dave, a good samaritan named Rocky learned of the project and decided to donate a Getrag transmission. The gesture elated David who decided to hand Rocky the keys to his Nissan 300ZX as a gift. will be in contact with Dave to follow up on the project until its completion. His dream is to one day see his car featured in a future film from the series which he’s certain would be a hit with fans such as himself who grew up following it.

Update: Sept 6, 2018: Dave now has official graphics from Modern Image on the car!

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