Perry Performance Competition’s New Online Store Is a Gem For Canadian Race Enthusiasts

When it comes to a one-stop shop for hardcore racers in Montreal, there aren’t too many stores like Perry Auto which has expanded to one of the largest performance centers in Quebec. In an industry inundated with competition both in the form of brick-and-mortar stores and online, it’s remarkable how well Perry has done over the years. Good business management and stellar customer service have really paid dividends.

Now with their new online store allowing people to purchase from the comfort of their own home, Perry Performance is a force to be reckoned with nation-wide. There are no duties because the products ship within Canada. Further to that, Perry Performance has the most knowledgeable industry experts who can guide you with your purchase. If you call the store, a live human will provide you with any information you need regarding the products.

Products from the web store are almost always in stock and consequently ship the same day. Perry offers free shipping on 95% of the products in the store. For even further incentive, products go on sale to coincide with key sales events like Black Friday and Boxing Day.

In 2015 Perry Auto moved to a new location at 2110 Monterey, Laval. They had the building built to their specifications. There is a large showroom, big storage capacity and offices upstairs.

I interviewed Carl Wener (Perry’s brother) a little while ago:

MR: Can you tell me about the store philosophy?

Carl: We try to have the largest inventory of racing and track day products, in stock, at US competitive prices, all year long. Because of that, there is no need to shop in the US to get the big store experience. We also believe is supporting the grassroots motorsport community on the east coast of Canada. We still cater to the tuning market, but as that clientele evolves we are always trying to see where we can active and relevant for them.

MR:  What were some of the factors leading to the move to the new store and what does the new store offers that the old one doesn’t?

Carl: We simply needed a larger location to fit all the stock: traditional and performance. The performance side needed a showroom badly to showcase all the stock we carry and we also wanted a location that was more accessible to our customers. The fresh new look complimented the quality products we offer- and we offer a more pleasant shopping environment. We can also serve customers more efficiently.

MR: Your racing experience must come in handy and allow you to better serve clients?

Carl: There are not many shops that have sales reps as active as we are in the racing community. We test and have supported drivers test most all product lines that we recommend. I spend over 50 days at the track each year- it keeps me grounded to the needs of the racer and also available to support any product that I sell. Often when i recommend a product to a customer I have firsthand experience on how that product should perform for my client.

MR: What are some of the coolest experiences you’ve had while working at Perry Auto?

Carl: In the new store it’s the look on the faces of regular customers as the walk in to the new location for the first time.  The grand opening in June 2015- we had so many friends, customers and family help us celebrate that day- it was a cool feeling for sure. After over 30 years in the parts and performance business, I still get a kick from seeing the smiles on faces of clients that have just improved the performance of their car or feeling like Christmas when they buy race gear to go to the track.