Biggest Motorsport Events in Canada 2022

When it comes to motorsports there are several events that take place in Canada. These are events that bring people together and many are fans of the global motorsport events that take place around the world. For such fans, there is the opportunity to bet on them through sports betting sites. Here are some of the motorsport events you can witness in the country and bet upon, at your leisure.

  1. NASCAR Canada

All motorsport events in the country are organized by the Canadian Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or CASCAR. This organization was set up in the year 1981 and it launched three main events that take place annually. These include CARQUEST Sportsman, EMCO Western and Super. CASCAR has tie-ups with several racetracks across the country which gives motorsports several opportunities to catch exciting racing action. CASCAR also collaborates with the US National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, popularly known as NASCAR. This has changed since 2007 when NASCAR Canadian Tire Series debuted. Today Pinty’s Delicious Foods has replaced Canadian Tire.

Hence, any motor racing event that you watch this year in Canada will probably have NASCAR Pinty’s Series as the sponsor and title. Races of this series are scheduled in different provinces of the country such as Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. There are even foreign destinations where races of this series are hosted. New Hampshire and London have become common destinations of this series. This year the series starts in May 2022.

If you are interested in motorsports online betting in Canada, you must be aware of the most popular drivers. Scott Steckly is the all-time winner of the series, having done so for several consecutive years since 2008. Nonetheless, Andrew Ranger is currently in a position to surpass Steckly’s record, having won his third series in 2019. Additional series favourites include L. P. Dumoulin and D. J. Kennington.      

  1. Canadian Grand Prix

Formula 1 might find ambivalent fans in the US but Canadians are more loyal fans of this global event. F1 has several events held on different racetracks or circuits across the world. Of course, betting on Formula One is more complex than on the IndyCar Series or NASCAR. However, motorsport fans in Canada can find the Grand Prix to be the best time to bet on F1. Their love for motorsports finds it included in most of the sports betting sites that Canadians frequent.

If we look at history, the Grand Prix in Canada was first hosted in 967 and the racetrack that hosted the event was Motorsport Park, Ontario. It might be an interesting coincidence that Ontario has recently legalized sports betting, even single bets on games since 2021.

After being launched on this racetrack, the venue changed to Montreal in 1979. Since then, the venue has been here for most seasons. The permanent fixture of this race has been at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve since the year 2002.

In the pre-COVID situation, the last Canadian Grand Prix had been in 2019. There have been about 56 of these racing events to date, since 1961. The last event was memorable since Lewis Hamilton won that Grand Prix, the seventh Canadian one in his record which equalled that of Michael Schumacher, the legendary driver in motorsports. This makes this pair of drivers ahead of others such as Nelson Piquet. Gilles Villeneuve is a notable Canadian who won the Grand Prix on home soil before Lewis Hamilton. Jacques Villeneuve, his son, also holds the honour of being a champion in Canadian F1. This year the event makes a comeback in June 2022.

  1. IndyCar Canada

This is a principal open-wheel racing series based out of the US. Though most of the races happen in the US in this series, there are times when events of this series make their way north of the border. Notable are the eight seasons and races featured around the street circuit in the Edmund City Centre airport region. Known popularly as the CART series, there were consecutive seasons held from 2005 to 2007. After that the series regularly occurred in the country between 2008 to 2012.

Motorsport fans in Canada are sure to have followed his series which first started at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Ontario province. This was the 1967 event called Molson Diamond Indy. It then returned to the tracks in the seventies as the USAC series. A notable event was Molson Indy Montreal which was held between 1984 and 1986 as well as between 2002 and 2006. The CART circuit was formed between Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and Sanair Super Speedway. Those who have followed the series every year would have witnessed how the Honda Indy Toronto was prevented since Covid-19. Since then there has been a gap of two years. The most notable drivers of this series are James Hinchcliffe and Dalton Kellett. They are popular since they are Indy drivers of Canadian origin. Historically Paul Tracy has been the only driver of this series to have won in his native place. Those who look forward to following this race in Canada can keep their eyes open for the event coming up in July 2022.

How to Bet on Motorsports?

There are many Canadian sports betting sites that provide options to bet on motorsports events. You will find several markets as well as high odds for the major races such as NASCAR, Formula 1, IndyCar and others. There are also other international competitions that feature on these sites for betting. These include the Dakar Rally, 24 Hours of Le Mans and others. In general, betting on motorsports events is thrilling. With several events upcoming during the spring and summer months, these are opportunities for bettors to make money. All that one needs to do is register for an account at a sports betting site of their preference. They can sign up for notifications to their favourite races and find different bets and odds to choose from. These sites also offer promos in the form of cash-backs and free bet money. All this helps to hedge against losses as well as provide more money to bettors to bet on their favourite games.