$2100 To Fix A Radio Button On a MINI

MontrealRacing member TurboTronix has a warning for anyone considering buying a used MINI.

He recently bought a Certified Pre-Owned 2015 Mini Cooper Countryman from Mini Mont-Royal on Jean-Talon. He made sure to buy the extended 5-year platinum warranty to avoid any potential problems. Three days after he purchased the vehicle, he had to take it in for service for a check engine light.


Since the car was going in for service, he asked them see if they can replace a radio button that happened to fall off. No big deal right? It seemed to him that it was just a clip on item that would cost nothing but he was stunned when the service manager told him it would cost $2100.

The dealer says the entire radio would need to be replaced. Furthermore, he was not allowed to install an aftermarket radio because it would void his warranty (which was not covering the repair in the first place).

In the end, TurboTronix said he’s going to glue the knob back on himself and it’ll look like new. His story could be helpful to potential MINI buyers.

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