This Cat Has Been Declawed

Thieves are getting more and more brazen these days. In this photo, a brand new Dodge Charger SRT 392 had a wheel delete performed right in…

My Wife Want’s a Hellcat

Ever since Dodge started selling their ridiculously-overpowered screaming fast muscle cars called Hellcats, my wife Katheirne has been bugging me for one. I think it…

Hellcat Beats Tesla P85D

Watch a Dodge Challenger Hellcat beat a Tesla P85D in a drag race. The Dodge ended up running 11.08@125.92 mph  and the Tesla 11.92@112.11 mph….

Hellcat Orders Suspended Indefinitely

Dodge has had to suspend all orders for the ultra-fast versions of the Charger and Challenger models due to what it says is overwhelming demand….