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Jay Leno on his 2015 GT350R

0216-jay-leno-gt350r vendredi 05 février 2016 à 10:13 by Danny Geraghty

If you have the time, watch this video of Jay Leno who talks about his 2015 Mustang GT350R. What a car!    lisez-plus →

2015 Mazda CX-9 Review

0116-cx9_01 mardi 26 janvier 2016 à 12:52 by Danny Geraghty

I probably have the honor of being the last person in the world to write a review about the 2015 Mazda CX-9. I can say this because this article comes on the heels of the unveiling of the brand new 2016 CX-9. I booked this vehicle well in advance thinking I might be the first in the city to try the new... more

Candidate for Car of the Year: 2009 Audi S5

1115-drew mercredi 18 novembre 2015 à 12:16 by Danny Geraghty

Andrew Hoffman – 2009 Audi S5 We’ll be looking at each candidate individually in the coming weeks in order to generate the most visibility possible for the competition of Car of the Year. What do you think of Andrew’s car? Why it was chosen: Andrew has managed to create a gorgeous car... more

First Shelby GT350 In The 11’s!!! 11.96 @116.07

1115-Shelby-GT350 mardi 17 novembre 2015 à 00:12 by Danny Geraghty

Watch this Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 with drag radials break into the 11s!  lisez-plus →

2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Review

1115challnger-scat-pack-shaker01 mercredi 11 novembre 2015 à 14:36 by Danny Geraghty

I can’t think of an intelligent, classy way to start this review so I’m going to just go ahead and get it out there: Holy crap is this thing fast! No, the 2015 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack isn’t the famous Hellcat but much to my pleasure, everyone thought it was. Dodge has eight – count ‘em... more

12 Crazy Widebodies From The 2015 SEMA Show

1115-sema-widebody vendredi 06 novembre 2015 à 16:41 by Danny Geraghty

The 2015 SEMA show is wrapping up today at the Las Vegas Convention Center. SEMA is a must-attend for any car enthusiast at least once in their lifetimes.  Being an industry and media-only event, you might need to get creative if you’re not media or don’t work in the auto industry in order to attend.... more

VIDEO: 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Cold Start

1115-challenger-cold-start mercredi 04 novembre 2015 à 16:29 by Danny Geraghty

Here is a video I took of a Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack cold start. I had the pleasure of driving this vehicle for a week and boy was it cool. Full review coming soon.    lisez-plus →

Vote For The Car Of The Year

coty mercredi 28 octobre 2015 à 11:22 by Danny Geraghty is holding a competition for Car of The Year where the public has the chance to choose which ride impressed you the most this summer. You’ve seen them at events all season and now that 2015 is drawing to a close its fun to look back and see who made the biggest splash. We understand... more

La vipère s’en va…

image-222223_2016_Dodge_Viper lundi 26 octobre 2015 à 13:30 by Alain Morin

C’était écrit dans le ciel. FCA ne l’a pas encore annoncé officiellement, mais la production de la Dodge Viper a été condamnée dans un récent accord entre l’UAW (United Auto Workers, syndicat américain des travailleurs de l’automobile) et FCA. L’entente de principe devrait être ratifiée... more

2015 Kia Sportage Review

1015-sportage dimanche 25 octobre 2015 à 11:18 by Danny Geraghty

This is the third generation of Sportage  Kia has marketed, having been released for the 2011 model year here in Canada.  It was a noticeable improvement over the 2005-2010 model and the design really gives the vehicle a big beefy look which is what people want in an SUV (even a small SUV). You’d... more

Photos: Mega Ride Vaudreuil

0915-megaride-vaudreuil samedi 12 septembre 2015 à 17:08 by Danny Geraghty

For a third consecutive year, the Mega Ride took place in the rain, stifling turnout and ruining what would otherwise be a really cool event. A few hundred hard core riders made it out despite the bad weather. If you were at the Vaudreuil starting point you’ll find your vehicle here. For other starting... more

The 2015 Mega Ride is TOMORROW!

megaride2015 vendredi 11 septembre 2015 à 09:40 by Danny Geraghty

In less than 24 hours the 2015 Mega Ride which will kick off at four different locations around Montreal. Participants will drive for approximately 2.5 hours and finish at Circuit ICAR for one of the biggest events of the year: The Super Auto Show. There will be hundreds of classic, muscle, exotic and... more

Announcing Mega Ride 2015

0715-megaride1 mercredi 29 juillet 2015 à 09:34 by Danny Geraghty

Welcome to the 2015 Mega Ride! There will be four separate departure points this year and they will join together at the end of the ride for the Super Auto Show around noon. The ride itself is, of course, free however please consult the Super Auto Show website for the cost of entry. You can buy tickets... more